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Fat arms...... help

everyone loses weight from different places at first. if you want to help it along on your arms then i would suggest toning exercises on them. not like weight lifting to build muscle but just to tone up the muscles that are already there. not sure of any specific exercise that will do it, i do yoga on my wii fit and it has some that work the arms as well as the rest of the body and since yoga is a gentle type of exercise it tones up your muscles rather than building them.
Have you got any fitness DVD's lurking anywhere??? they've usually got an upper body workout......don't need fancy weights i just use couple of bottles of water (and i've got plenty of those lying about lol) then they'll get smaller WITH definition...bonus!!
Mmm - this has been bothering me too! I can see that exercise will help certain areas, but even having lost 4 stone, mine are still pretty fat and it's the 'bingo wings' bit that worries me as I don't think there's any muscle in there to tone up!
Weights is the only way to do this if you have bad bingo wings. I've bought some light ones from Argos, and a book called 'Smart Girls do Dumbells'. I know people are scared of using weights and getting huge muscles or weighing more, but this won't happen with low weights. In order to make bingo wings better you need to firm up the muscles at the back and front of your arms. Its working for me... My arms have already gone from 16 to 12 inches in just over three weeks.


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hi wannad3st, i have lost 26lb so far and am now down to 11st, i've lost 4 inches off my arms so far. i'm not doing much in the way of excercise at the mo, a bit of a lazy workout on a saturday followed by a swim, but previously i was going to the gym 2-3 times a week so maybe i did have some muscle hiding under the fat there somewhere!
so definitely agree with everyone else that low weights are good for arms.
Thankks Citwi

I'm doing LL but have the flabby arms problem. They've got much smaller, they're just wobbly now.
You've inspired me to give it a go.


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That's all really helpful advice. Thank you! I've now lost over 9 stone and quite a lot from my arms - but they are still huge in comparison. Although I'm now a size 16, I struggle to get long sleeves blouses, shirts or jackets that will fit in the arms. I've bought some small weights - but need exercises so I'll look into the book.
We'll all have killer arms soon, and we'll be winning every arm wrestle going! Ha ha.. I know my arms will never be perfect as they'll always hang down a bit, but these exercises have definitely improved them already and they're a far cheaper and less scary solution to surgery.

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