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fat watching or calorie watching

hiya, had my second weigh in today only lost 2lb over christmas. but i guess 2lb off is better than 2lb on.so this month im determined to get into the 12s..
so today i counted calories and fat..on my fitnesspal it says i should have 1200 cals a day...so thats what ive had but only 13.8g of fat, im just wondering with only having a stone and half to lose im i best counting cals or fat..tbh im more ful counting fat but like i say i want to get into the 12 s by next weigh in..

can anyone give me any advice and which would be the best route to take.
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I count calories but still stay aware of the percentage of fat in the foods that I buy and eat if you see what I mean. When I fist started the tablets though, I only counted fat grammes, but now as I'm closer to target, I prefer to count calories.
thanks for replying alibalibee..in my postion what do you think would be best.? if i carry on counting fat which most days i would have between 18 and 20g of fat. yesterday i had 1200 cals but was starving last night in the evening.
im just at a lose what to do for the best
I'm having between 1200 and 1300 calories a day now, and I think if I were you, I'd probably be doing what I'm doing, counting calories and being aware of fat and trying to stay within the 5% rule. I'm losing about a pound a week just now, which I'm happy with and so is my Dr.
How much exercise are you doing? If you're doing a fair bit and still having 1200 calories that would probably explain your hunger, and I would up my calories a wee bit, not a lot but say by about 100. The one thing I find is that if I feel hungry, I'm more likely to feel deprived and then more likely to binge, so if I was you, and feeling hungry, I'd up my calories for a couple of days ( again to about the 1300 mark) and then bring it slowly back down again. The other thing would be, if you're feeling hungry, is it *real* hunger or head hunger? Have you drank enough fluid, sometimes when we feel hungry, we're actually thirsty.
thanks ali. i never thought that the hunger might be helped by drinking more..no i dont get head hunger pains any more.i seem to of made them vanish with me begin fuller..i said the same thing to hubby that if im hungry like rumbling tummy hungry im more likely to binge.
tbh i do more rushing around than actually proper excerise i am going to get myself a fitness dvd to help me along.
my hub and i tend to do more walking than anything else.
I think i will count calories like you say and still watch fat..i guess some days i could eat more than others any way. i count cals and see how i get on.
thanks for your help. like i say im determined to get in the 12 s by next weigh in on 7th feb.!

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