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Its when an overweight person looks in the mirror and see's themselves as thin and beautiful and doesn't recognise their weight problem and so gain more weight.


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I definetly have this! lol My bf always says i have body dysmorphia, I think I am slimmer than I am! haha (just in denial really hehe )

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To be fair actually i proberly had this as a child and through my early teens... how could i possibly be fat when i was eating the same as my stick thin friends? lol


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She was an idiot, IMO.

She has written a book about how she was in denial, and the message in her book is to teach people how to not gain more weight, not loose it.

She was just in denial, none of this 'fatorexia' business, she didn't see a slim figure in the mirror she just ignored the fat.
Wish I did have it (well, if not for the health implications obviously) - must be nice to look in the mirror and like what you see!!



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I missed it as I had to go to a meeting, but the article is interesting. It does show that we are all made up differently, and also anyone can write a book too!


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I saw this yeaterday when i was watching This Morning and i do think its quite common. I think we have all been in denial at some point!

I know a friend of a friend who is a good size 18 and she buys size 12/14 clothes and squeezes herself into them and sometimes wears obscenely small skirts and dresses but she is not bothered. We have been out and people have been looking at her when she is wearing a stupidly small skirt with a rather ample pair of legs and she actually says to us ''Have you seen that lad looking at me, he must want to chat me up'' - its madness!


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"...and had avoided the scales for some time."

I might be reading too much into it, but the fact she acknowledges she avoided scales implies she knew she had a weight problem?

It all sounds a bit silly to be honest - it's simply just being in denial, which I think a lot of people have experienced.


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I don't think it's a real 'illness'. Obesity is an illness as is binge eating etc . She was clearly in denial about her weight and reasons behind it, which is often part of the illness of obesity, but creating a new 'illness' to sell a book is just crap!
By that logic anorexia is also simply denial and not an illness? :confused::confused:
Surely this is the other end of the scale?

My first reaction was that this was far fetched but the more I think of it the more I think it may be a form of BDD - albeit a less distressing form.

Certainly makes you think............



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I think it is important to find some way to draw a line under your weight problem and maybe take on a different mindset. Fatorexia is not encouraging people to go on a diet just to accept the way they are and change maybe one thing at a time. Sometimes diets are just expected to fail as we try so many times and they don't work.

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