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Favourite CD products?

S: 16st0lb C: 15st13lb Loss: 0st1lb(0.45%)
Thought id start this post to see what everyones favourite products are.
My favourite shakes are choc mint and chocolate. Favourite tetra is chocolate. Favorite bar is chocolate. I havnt tried any soups or porridge yet. Im also having the berry water flavouring which is nice. Has anyone tried the golden vegetable one that you have hot? Whats that like x
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I ♥ CD !!
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my favourite are choc tetra,(frozen) and peanut crunch bar, there the only products l order.
my tastes change every so often , at one stage I had nothing but choc mint shakes but now my faves are - chocolate shakes ( which I hated soooo much to start with !!) , chocolate tetra ( as icecream :) ) , mint bars , orange bars and maple porridge (mmmmmmmm)
I love the orange flavour and the veg is lovely


Working on it
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maple and pecan porridge starts my day off nicely :)
Chocolate or choc mint shakes
chocolate tetras
and leek and potato soup

I find it helps to have porridge, shake, soup in the day Monday-Friday and then mix it up at the weekend :)


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I've discovered how fussy I am since starting CD I absolutely hate the all the bars, all the porridges, the soups, tetras…I remember taking the chocolate tetra home for a treat after one weigh in..so disappointed lol all shake flavours apart from mint choc and chocolate..and then they have to be freezing cold and blended with ice! at the moment I have 21 mint choc shakes! I would love to be one of the ones who think they all taste lush..would make it more interesting! x


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leek and potato soup - 1 every day
Chocolate shakes (did like the mint choc and choc orange but gone off them now)
Choc, mint choc, choc orange and peanut bars - chopped into tiny tiny pieces (each bar into36 bits) then mixed up and equivalent of 1 bars worth taken out so its like eating a bag of revels!


this time - the last time
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21 banana tetras for me every week for the last 10 weeks!

flab fighter

The fat is melting away!
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I love the chocolate and banana tetra (haven't tried them frozen yet). Like the vanilla, chocolate, banana, choc mint shakes (have the choc orange yet to try) disliked the butterscotch and toffee and walnut which is a shame cos I usually like things like that. Spicy tomato soup is lovely (have the vegetable and leek and potato to try) Hated the porridge :mad: swapped them straight away. Not going to do the bars yet as if nice I would be tempted to have 3 a day.


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I'm on three really cold chocolate tetras a day and they're yummy. I actually look forward to them! Last time loved all the bars apart from peanut but daren't start on those for a few weeks yet...maybe!! ;)
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chocolate or vanilla made in my coffee
sometimes chocolate tetra

bars!!!!!!! mostly the crunchy ones
I like them all........

everyday almost , chicken mushroom soup , I love

I love all the water flavours


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Only have the tetras and don't have a favourite one yet. Yet to try the bars or anything else.

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Belle Bee

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Glad Im not the only one that lives mainly on Tetras - apparently I'm the first person my councillor has had that does this. I'm now on to bars and like peanut and choc mint.

So breakfast & lunch always a chocolate tetra, then dinner a mint choc or peanut bar - perfectly happy with this and hate all the rest.

I did Lighterlife last year but only got about half way through my journey before we moved town and everything became chaos. Kept pretty much all of it off and now continuing my journey. On lighterlife I managed to lose 3 1/2 stone just on Veg soup packs and 2 bar flavours. I hated the veg soup but I hated it less than the other flavours - 3 meals a day of that was horrid but I did it :)

I actually like the CD food I'm having although I would love to see a convenience food like the bars in a savory flavour or like the CD version of snack a jacks or crackers - something cheesy or oniony - I'm a big savoury fan.

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