Favourite shake flavours?


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Thinking about ordering some more.

Whats your favourite? Have tried chocolate and strawberry and i think economy vanilla.

Whats the rest like? Does choc banana taste much different to chocolate? Is premium vanilla much nicer?

Flavours still to try are:

Summer berries
Cafe latte
Choc banana
Premium vanilla

Any reviews or your favs in order would be great xx
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I like strawberry and banana the best. I also liked the caramel and the latte but have only had 1 sample pack of each. The premium vanilla is nice compared to the economy vanilla but I don't have it that often. Given that I've just bought one of those hand blender things I might try it mixed up with hot water with a spoonful of coffee as a sort of milkshake latte at some point :)


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S: 16st11.6lb C: 16st3.4lb G: 12st7lb BMI: 37.8 Loss: 0st8.2lb(3.48%)
I love the strawberry too like a proper milkshake! I bought too many choc ones so only 1strawberry left so defo want more of them. Argh i have a good few other products left i should just have them, but u get bored of the same ones,eh x


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Hi, i'm trying out all the shakes before i start, so far i've had hazelnut and banana and i have to admit i did not like them at all :(.

I have a few more to try and i'm hoping i like them. I have done CD in the past and i could only stomach the chocolate shakes and had to live off them every day, it gets really boring.

I still have Strawberry, Vanilla, Chocolate, Cafe Latte, Summer Berries and Caramel left to taste. I hope they're nice.

I hope you enjoy your shakes :) xxx


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hi ya, my all time fave is def strawberry, i dont mind the banana amd today i recieved a sample of the hazelnut which i liked its very creamy! i did try the economy ones but i really didnt like those at all xxx


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summer berries and caffe latte are my faves

wasnt keen on hazelnut


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I haven't tried many and due to my dislike of certain flavours in normal life I won't be trying certain ones. So far I like the chocolate, chocbanana, caramel and strawberry. I tried a premium vanilla but was gagging the entire time and had to stop myself from being sick. I gave up halfway through. Why don't you get the variety pack of one of each flavour so you can try them all out?