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Feeding Me Sausage And Bacon Sandwiches!!


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Why does my boss insist on always trying to feed me sausage and bacon sandwiches. How do i tell him to not bother buying me one anymore when he buys himself one?! hahaha. It's lovely of him but ridiculous, i stuff it in my box and hide it. Now he's expecting me to eat this mornings for lunch and he'll see me eat my lunch so what do i bloody do? i'll have to say i need to go to the bank and escape for something a bit healthier. grrrr.:confused:
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Call me Nicky xx
you could say you have recently developed an allergic reaction to pork and have been advised to avoid it for a while to rule out the cause !!

Whatever you decide good luck xx
Have you tried being honest with him? Tell him you do not want to eat those types of sandwiches in future. If he continues, just say "no thank you" and do not accept them, and if he still continues just take it and throw it in the bin. That will certainly let him know you are serious.
If you just say "no I dont want them" and then take them when he gives them to you, it is just sending mixed messages.


8 t whole wheel of cheese
yeah i feel bad though witchie. i mean, it's his money. i dont want to shove it in the bin when he's paid for it (i do it outside where he cant see lol)
If you think he will be offended, maybe you should ask him to get you a piece of fruit or yoghurt instead of the sandwich. That way he can still feel like the magnanimous boss with ego intact;)


8 t whole wheel of cheese
hahaha good idea ;) i took the one from yesterday home and my sis ate it, so i didnt feel all that bad. I had that in my bag AAALLL day and wasnt tempted once, GO ME!!


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Well done on avoiding the sandwiches. It's a hard situation he means well and probably wouldn't understand. Is it best to tell the truth or tell a white lie such as meant is not agreeing with me at the moment or I've gone off meat but then he may come back with something worse eg chocolate or cream cake

Irene xx


8 t whole wheel of cheese
HAHAHAHAHA that's not a problem lol. :) hehe. welcome to the site deggers :)

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