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feel like a faliure!

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I had been doing ss for two weeks and me and DH both had a weak moment at the same time and decided the diet wasnt for us. BUT it so is it was doing great magic, my nails have never been so healthy and i wasnt hungry. Ive put 3lbs on since stopping and feel awful. Its hard as all my friends think i am stupid for doing it. I really think the strictness of this diet works great for me. Im starting again tommorow. Cant believe I was so weak. Please feel free to slap my wrists :cry:
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Hi gennalouise.. this diet IS really hard and there have been moments I thought the same, but each time I have had a wobble I come on here and let people know and everyone gives you great advice and encouragement, so good luck to you for tomorrow and I hope you get back on track, be kind to yourself !:)


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dont be so hard on yourself at least you have the courage to admit your mistakes and start again, am not going to slap your wrist i am going to pat you on the back and say well done for realising your mistake and having the courage to start again


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it is a hard diet, I have had a couple of wobbly moments but jumped straight back in as I know this is the diet for me, it works wonders


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Dont be hard on yourself, it definately isnt the easiest diet especially when it comes to socialising.. You have done so well... so forget about what was and just start tomorrow afresh.. chin up and before you know it you will be at your goal..


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Hey hun

Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get back on it - we all have weak moments - its how you deal with them that counts and starting fresh gets a big thumbs up from me xxx


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Its hard as all my friends think i am stupid for doing it.
TAKE NO NOTICE! The world will try and tell you that this diet is dangerous/you'll put all the weight on afterwards/you're vain/you're OK as you are, etc. etc. (I've heard them all) - this is YOUR life and YOUR body, so you do what you want with it. And what you are doing is exactly the right thing, believe me!! (The thing is, you've joined an exclusive little club, and those who can't get in always try to make out it's no good - always happens with exclusive clubs! ;)) Hold your head up high, and stick with it - it's nobody's business but yours.


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yeah, i agree with jaycey, It is up to you. I haven't had a great deal of support but the weight is coming off and i cant wait to see everyone's faces when I've reached target! We all get the weak moments love, they are what makes us more determined not to do it again cos u remember how rotten u feel after you do it! Forhget about it, start a new day and you will drop that 3lb and more in no time! xxx


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im the same alot of my family thinks im gunna end up bein ill n that i can do other diets but ive tryed them this is def the best for me no food intake is hard at the start but eventually you 4get bout food its great ,im sure weve all had blips i did and got support from you guys to keep my chin up and get bck on it ,nxt time you feel like munchin think how bad you felt last time good luck .


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Hi hun, Good luck with the second attempt! You'll be evern stronger this time as you've considered giving up but realise you really want to do it! That says a lot!!
I haven't told anyone about the diet except my mum and my hubby (who's following it too) as i didn't want the negativity either! Just shut your ears to it and just think of how wrong they'll be when you emerge as a slinky minky!
Good Luck Darl, you'll be fine xxx


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See it as part of the learning process honey... it was a way of weighing up what you do/don't want and seeing how determined you are. And you have proved that you are in the right frame of mind, that you are NOT about to give up and that CD, tough though it is, is right for you. You have all the motivation you need, so forget what others say... they don't understand CD, I didn't myself before I tried it. Even if your hubby decides he doesn't want to go on with it, you CAN... and you know it works. Stepping off the path just once can refocus you and make the journey ahead much clearer. You know where you are going and you know how to get there... you can do it.
Big hugs... see you at goal!
S: 15st8lb C: 14st4lb G: 10st10lb Loss: 1st4lb(8.26%)
Thank you so much for all your posts. Your right I can do this and i AM doing this. First day back and it was hard as i was hungry but feeling better already. Each of you deserve such a big hug for the support you give, again thanks.
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gennalouise, thinking of you hunnie xx