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Feel like giving up....help!

I've been on slimfast since 1st Jan and seriously feel like giving up. I have 3st 10 to still to lose after putting on 5 stone while pregnant!! I just don't feel healthy doing slimfast anymore.....my skin looks terrible and I feel sick every afternoon.

What I want is a diet where I don't have to count and measure everything and can freely eat food like muesli, wholemeal pittas, houmous etc without getting stressed!! Any ideas??? I don't want to join a slimming group and I hate typical diet food such as beans, cottage cheese, bananas etc.

Mmmmmm what to do!!! I wish there was a magic pill you could take and be slim overnight!! :p
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if you find that magic pill, send it my way!!!!

Im so sorry you feel the way you do. If slim fast isnt working for you then maybe its not the best thing to be doing....

How much have you lost??

Have you just tried watching what you eat, portion control or making them smaller, and doing loads of exercise?????

Maybe drop the two shakes to just one and have 2 proper meals a day... Might give you the feeling of eating that i think your missing..

Have you tried talking to you gp about weight loss options in your area...

Just thins to think about.
check out www.rte.ie/ot which has recipes and various different plans to fit various lifestyles.. might be able to find something that suits you.
Thanks for your advice ladies. Woken up feeling more positive today.......and sick after all of yesterdays mini eggs and cookies! :(

I know that I'm feeling so rubbish because I'm not eating enough fruit and veg or drinking enough water. I'm going to make sure I don't go over 1400 calories a day but some days instead of a shake for breakfast I'm going to have muesli, berries, skimmed milk and oj. Then I'll feel healthier! Off to the gym now to un-do some of yesterdays damage! :)


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glad you are feeling better and more positive today.

make sure that you dont beat yourself up too much about what you did... and just get back there and start losing again!
we are all here to help!
Why not try a tin of heinz soup instead of a shake only 160 cals in a whole 400gram tin, warm yummy and you could even have a slice of brown bread, and not break the calorie bank.

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