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feel like i have lost everything!

i havent lost any weight last week n for this week only 2 days r left in my WI and i hav gained 1 lbs
no TOTM has not started n nor i am expecting it for a week from now
doing everything, dieting n exercise
this is not motivating at all
feel like i have lost everythng i hav got :break_diet:
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You cant lose all the time you gotta take weeks like this on the chin and carry on. Try changing some of the foods you eat and change your exercise routine to get the ball rolling again
It is depressing when the weight won't shift for a week or two, but believe in the process and it will. Have you checked that what you are eating is OK? Sounds like a silly question I know but maybe you need to drop the calories a little more and up the exercise a bit. Of course I need to follow my own advice. I have dropped the calories now I must up the exercise. Take care.
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Were you exercising previously?!

If you haven't recently taken up exercise you cab gain up to 5lbs and maintain that for 4weeks before you see the losses!!

However that's only if exercise is a new concept (ie you haven't done it before!) x


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Exercise does can cause weight gain, plus if you're developing muscle tthen muscle actually weighs more, it's common to hold weight during exercise but actually shrink in size, so it may be worth you making some measurements notes, and keeping your eye on that.

At some point, no matter what diet plan you're following, you will always hit a wall, you just have to find a way to face that and crack on, and you will loose again :)
thanks all

yeh exercising but all geared up from this week
thanks for the support n yes i workout n sometimes more than 1 n half :rolleyes:
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you say you have gained a lb? it could be many things ill list a few.

body natural fluctuations - make sure you weigh once a week at the SAME time and in the morning. as your body goes through many weight changes within a day.
Fluid and food intake- If you weigh yourself close to drinking or eating you will weigh more as it takes your body a few hours even more sometimes to digest food and break it down to where it needs to go.
Exercise- not only does muscle weigh more but when you exercise your bodys muscle fibers take in more oxygen and expand with the heat. which means you will weigh more.

So its a pound and it could be anything dont give up you could have gained soooo much more so hold onto the fact you will loose it and it takes time i know its awlful standing on the scales and seeing it go up but i promise its normal to gain and lose from one week to next and it will even out and you will start feeling good soon enough x