feel like im goona cave


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occupy yourself hun.
stick a dvd on or have a bath,read a book or dance around to some music.
sometimes you will feel like that but you gotta plod on through.
you're doing great and losing good numbers and just think what a waste it would be to throw it in now over feeling a bit hungry when the feeling will pass soon. x


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I agree with tafflass you're doing so well! Try and distract yourself! Think about the rewards you're going to give yourself. You can do it!


Hi Karen,

You ARE doing really well. Why mess it up now? If you really have a craving to eat, then why not pick something really good e.g. if you like crunchy, crispy things, then how about carrot batons and some extra light garlic mayonnaise? Or if you have a sweet tooth, then go mad with a sugar free jelly or freeze grapes and suck them.
I was like you last week and I was given great advice just to plan for a bad day (but with good things pretending to be bad). It really worked for me.

Best of luck,


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think of these:)

Goal 1= -20lb = Puppy.
Goal2=-2stone= Clothes shopping
Goal3=-3 stone= Ball gown
Goal4=4stone=Professional Family pics.


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Think of all those new clothes ya be gettin! Not to mention that lovely ball gown, and those epic family pics! Don't give in!


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thankyou all

i have had a long hot bath and glass of fizzy water(my treat when im down lol) not craving know i know id feel like this on any diet just being soft. gonna have an early night. tommorows a new day and i know it will be a better one.

thankyou all so much you realy are my crutch through this diet.



5 stone to go!
keep it up sweetie,you know you can do it. caving isnt worth it and it doesnt even taste like what your expecting. if you cave youll feel so angry.! dont do it...look how well you have done..early night for sure beauty sleep is neede...luck x


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Well done!!!!!!!! A glass of champers works a treat every time ;-)!!!


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Your just about to finish week 4 :eek:
If you have lost 7lbs this week then you have met Goal 2.

Stay strong and get ready for shopping :D:D:D


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Yeah Karen - please don't give in. Even "good" food will ruin LT for you and everything you've achieved - you won't enjoy it and will be so fed up afterwards. It might satisfy your hunger pangs for a couple of hours, but they'll soon come back, and having given in once you might do it again. It's really not worth it. If you have real cravings try Paul McKenna's "I can make you thin" book. He has some good tips on how to deal with them. I was very sceptical about his methods but they do work if you give them a go.

Good luck and stay strong