feel terrible today advise needed


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hi im in my 12week of LL and i have felt amazing all the way through so pleased with the results anyway last week my dad and sister had flu for a few days then on sunday hubby got up and looked dreadful he cam home from work yesterday as he wasnt any better and hasnt gone in today he is just pretty much sleeping all the time. well yesterday i started feeling a bit achy and run down today i feel terrible and really sick almost like i did when i was pregnant (im not by the way) but that feeling that you cant control it and whether you like it or not you are going to be sick. i seem to remmeber my llc telling us that when you are poorly as in being sick you should eat something but i really dont want to do that dont feel like it anyway had to force myself to have hot chocolate this morning. just want to go to bed and snuggle in my quilt but i have a six month old daughter so have to survive and get on with it.

can you tell me if i will b okay still having my packs or do i really have to eat something obviously im not going to have a big meal just need advice or if anyone can remember anything they have been told previously. thanks

sorry its so long
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I have no idea but I hope you feel better soon.
Sarah x


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Lighter life is very similar to cambridge isnt it?
I have just been very ill, started flu like, then got a nasty chest infection and have been very poorley for three weeks. I wasnt well enough to even consider doing my diet and felt so ropey that I started off with some scrambled egg on toast.
It made me feel a bit better to eat and I felt better equipped to fight the illness, now i am not really sure if eating 'proper' food did help because I was so poorley for so long, but it did make me feel better.
The downside is that I have found it VERY difficult to get back on track with CD. I havent actually put any weight on! but then again I havent lost any either. I am amazed that I haven't gained weight because I have eaten whatever I wanted whenever I wanted since starting to get better.
I think I am back on track now, but last week I did SS for three days, got into ketosis, then blew it again.
It is extremely difficult to get back onto a VLCD once you start to eat again, but your health does come first.
I would say, if you are not EXTREMELY ill, then DONT come off your diet.
I wont be coming off it again once i get settled back into it.
Good luck!
Lynne x

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Sorry you are unwell, I would say ring your LLC or headoffice for advice.
Hope your feeling better soon.


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I would try to stay on the diet and drink plenty of warm fluids. The doctors always say keep hydrated, but really if you do become really ill I would advise contacting the LLC and ring the doctor.

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well i have not had anything to eat apart from my hot chocolate and that cam eback just been drinking plenty of fluids im really scared of having anything now especially as i get 21 veg soup a week love them but worried if i have one and be sick it will put me off then i will struggle to carry on with the diet as im not keen on the other foodpacks. i was like this when i was pregnant was sick for whole 9months and have been put off quite alot of foods that i have bad memories of bringing back. sorry tmi

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Hope you are feeling better hon. Tea always settles me when I have a tummy bug - I'd just keep to your packs, keep them on the thin side and sip them, maybe have half a pack at a time.

Hang in there......best to stay on the diet if you can, as said, getting back on it can prove very challenging for some.

Good luck, let uys know how you get on.