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Feel tired, weak and fed up

11 days in and having an off day.

Everywhere I have been today has had so many smells of lush food, roast dinners, fish and chips, icecream ohhhhh.

Feel like caving in, even just for a piece of dry chicken!

Don't know how long I can last, no amount of water is making me feel any better:cry:
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Size 14 here i come!
LilyG, what you are going through is so normal, we have all been there, honestly. You did the right thing to come on here, hopefully we can encourage you NOT to cave in. Believe me however bad you feel right now you will feel worse if you give in. AND especially for a piece of dry chicken,lol

Go run a hot bath, give yourself some time out to think why you are doing this diet. You will have times where you feel this way especially when there seems to have been food everywhere. I had a few days like that last week and they are killers. But i just kept thinking, so what, it's only a sandwich, it's only a sunday lunch or a plate of chips, SO WHAT!!? You can have them when you get happier with yourself, they haven't gone forever!
Just think today is nearly over and you will feel so good tomorrow when you wake and realise you didn't eat and you got through another day! It does get better i promise! hth
hey sweetie,, honestly like stinky says we all feel like that,, and trust me you do not want the chicken, i slipped today and i didnt even enjoy what i ate it didnt taste good at all. IT IS NOT WORTH IT!... the best thing to do is have some time out maybe read a book or get an early nights sleep. the food will be there when we get off this, it wont dissapear, and trust me we will enjoy it soo soo soo much more when we dont feel guilty about eating it...
keep it up,6lb gone already! and please please dont cave its not worth it...
Thanks guys, i'm finding it hard too as I have a 4 month old girl, who is very good but starting to teeth and i'm drained with that let alone no decent grub!!!

I wont cave in, thank God I can moan to you all and you understand!

Thank you.


Size 14 here i come!
Well you deserve a pat on the back to be doing this so early after having a baby it took me 3yrs!! lol


Having a mid-life crisis
I felt exactly the same this morning, I'm 11 days in too. Just fed up and bored with it all if that makes sense!
Then I looked at all the clothes I've got that don't fit and told myself off.
Lets hang in there, and we'll get there!


Life is not a Rehersal!
Hi Lily
I was at your stage last week too and just thought i couldnt go on much longer...everything was an effort and wasnt too well BUT I carried on and am so pleased I did. I was convinced the pharmacy would take me off it but she didnt! So, hang in there sweetie...honestly, you will feel so proud of yourself.

Gosh, 4 month old baby, no wonder you are exhaused!! Impressed!!!! You should be given a medal for coming on LT so soon after giving birth! You are doing well and just keep remembering your goal and that the longer you stay on LT the quicker you get to goal.

Like the others say, jump on here and get some support! It definitely helps...we all feel like you are feeling at some point.

Take care
Day 11 here too....been a toughy, keep strong! xx
Thanks everyone. Feel much more positive, another day done!

Keep up the good work!
`Hi Lily, well done for keeping going!!! Im fit to crack up to at times. I am at day 14 now and wanted to cry at the weekend. When I first start LT in 2008 my fourth baby was only four weeks old and by the ninth week I had to give up because my body got so weak that I couldnt laugh, walk up the stairs and I felt like a hollow shell. I have piled on 3stone again since then.

Your baby is four months now so you will be ok. Just keep going but I do really know how you feel!!! Tired,depressed and all you want is food to give you energy but seriously lily dont do it!!! Its not worth it and if you come out of ketosis, it's next to impossible to re-start successfully again.
Thanks Binge Eater.

I am worried about coming out of ketosis as I have a wedding to go to in 6 weeks and my meal has been ordered. I cant sit there and have nothing it looks rude for one.

Will cross that bridge when I get to it I guess.

Another day done wuhoo!!

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