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Feel worried about weighing in

Hello folks

I am so excited/nervous for my WI on Wednesday, I'm crapping it that I'm not going to lose anything!! I've been jumping on my scales all week (they've never gone up but have jumped down showing losses from 3lbs to 10lbs...) but I just feel like I'm not going to have a loss at class?? I think it's because I've been having a lot of ready meals, they're not really that great for you are they?

Oh and I had 4 bottles of beer and half a bottle of wine on Saturday night.. I never usually drink so dunno if this will affect anything? :(

Has drinking had any affect on your losses?
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drinking has never affected me but not sure about the ready meals.

Two things -
1) Try to stop jumping on the scales you willl only worry yourself!
2) Am I right in thinking that when you have been on the scales they have all been losses? Well take that as a positive thing and just try your hardest between now and Wednesday!!!!

I am sure you will be fine and will get a nice wee surprise on wed at class!

Good luck xx


Violet is shrinking
Hi Hun.. my advice would be to stop the scale hopping. i did it once a few weeks ago, and it showed that i had gained weight..for a few days i was rreally down, then on my official weigh in day i had lost :)

your bodu goes up and down throughout the week,you cant control that, but if you carry on it will control you and can bring you down,i know it did me.

i weigh myself in the same place, in the nuddy once a week now (monday) its the most accurate way of doing it :)

you should try not to stress out too much as stress could have an impact on your weight,think positive :D

as for the ready meals,as long as you are eating within the rules then it shouldnt matter. i have a lot of ready meals which i bulk out with veg,i do this as it gives me control over my portions and i know exactly what i am eating. im only eating 1 meal a day at the moment,so its easier that way.

the beer and wine may make a difference, just the same if you were drinking pop etc..spirits,like vodka are fat free but high in other things..i dont drink anymore so i dont have to think about the booze lol

im sure you'll be fine, relax and carry on :)
I never used to pay attention to the scales, I just weighed out of curiousity and if they showed a gain I would just try harder to make it go down! They are showing a loss I'm just so paranoid!

I have been meaning to add veg to the ready meals, it's just harder to when it's a curry or risotto because it feels odd having a side of veg with that.

I'm not much of a drinker tbh! We just fancied something at the weekend because we had a few films to watch. I'll see what happens at WI on Wednesday...!


Violet is shrinking
if im having a curry or a meal based around rice,i either add peas or sweetcorn as they usually go,or i add mushrooms.

i could eat veg til it comes out my ears though lol

I've just registered and hope this answer helps you.

I'm like you and don't think veg goes with curry! If I'm having the sort of meal that veg doesn't go with I have a salad starter and finish off with some fresh fruit.

Thanks Denise. I will try to have a starter with veg if I'm having a ready meal. They're not very filling anyway so it will probably reduce snacking afterwards too! Maybe even crackers + cucumber with extra light cheese spread! :D