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Feeling a bit down


Feeling a bit down as i want my weighing day soon as i dont know wether i will have lost or not and im bothered if i have not lost what is the cause of it and i have tried . Also im feeling a bit down too because ive gotr loads to lose and im starting to feel that i wont achieve it and how long will it take me on ww to lose 6 to 7 stones and also i feel self concious as when i see people who i know i feel fat and wish i could sneak in a hole.
Sorry for moaning this is how i feel
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hey bathany. i think we all have bad days like this. i hope you're a bit chirpier now? do you know what, it's when i am at my most fed up with myself that i do best at sticking to a diet because i tend to think 'enough is enough, i am fed up of being miserable!" so maybe try and turn the negative into a positive? if ww isn't for you then try another diet but if you're getting on well with it, stick with it and be patient and the weight will come off. best of luck x
Hi Jen
Im Liking it but i am just bothered what the scales say on wed once ive had my first weighing i will be fine i want to do it but i expect to see stones coming of in a couple of weeks but it doesnt work like that.
Im feeling a little bit better now but im finding eating all my points hard to do but youve got to eat to lose weight
Hi Bethany,
I felt the same last week and the week before. I've been on Slimming World for nearly 3 weeks and before each of the 2 weigh ins I was worried and feeling quite down. But each time I weighed in...I'd lost...and I cheered up so much. This week I'm much more relaxed about the process. I think my problem was that I didn't have confidence in the SW diet...I don't know if this applies to you or not. You can't really get confidence in a diet until you have stuck to the plan for a few weeks and seen consistent weight losses. I'm hoping that you will get happier with the WW plan over the next couple of weeks and not be as worried by the weigh ins - you may even get to look forward to them - now wouldn't that be something :D

Good luck, love ff x
I think this is my problem the same as you when ive been for a couple of weighings and see if i have lost i will be different its just the thought of following a different plan and see how it is working. I am happy with the ww plan when i go wed and i come back with a loss i will look forward to going every week .
I'm sorry you're feeling down hun. My only advice is to try not to worry. I know that's easier said than done, but if you're sticking to the diet 100% then you're guaranteed to have lost something when you weigh in, especially as this is your first week! It's difficult to get into the swing of a new diet, and I know you were in two minds of weather or not to even go on ww, so perhaps it's just your doubts about the diet that are making you feel this way?...but if that's the case, then I'm sure your weigh in on Wednesday will make you feel MUCH better!

Worrying about it won't make any difference to your result, so all you can do is to stick to the plan and hope for the best.

I'm sure you'll do really well, so please try to stop worrying. You should be excited about seeing how much you've lost this week!

Chin up!
Thanks Marie
You have made me feel better its just my first week of following ww i am glad i went now could not have done it on my own i have followed it 100% apart from not having all my points and saving 2 to 2 and half
Thanks again
Sorry you are feeling abit down

Thanks buttons
Not feeling so bad at the moment it will be when it is my first weighing on wed just dont know what i will have done then i shall be ok from then on just want to get my first week over with then can settle down
HI , chick - cheer up -

i hope things get better for you but you get to thou your first two w-i and your feelk great!
if you kept to the points then you wil lose weight - it may take a little on weight watchers but rememeber all the good that you are doing!
try not to feel down - i was feelinbg like that a last couple of days but getting better now ! x
Thanks Ann

Im not to bad now but it is getting nearer for my weighing so i dont know what i will have done as im not getting on my scales i will wait while i i go to meeting. Been following it but cant seem to use all my points ive saved a few this week
thats ok you can save some each day so it will not e to bad x

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