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I've fallen off the wagon already. Mr C came home with LOADS of chocolate as he's making cakes for work tomorrow and I had a fairly bad day working from home and the only shake I'd had so far (butterscotch) was horrid and just added to my stress and grumpiness. I saw Mr C chopping up and melting chocolate and I just burst into tears. I feel so pathetic!! Cue chocolate, tea and toast (which has made me feel a lot more normal and with it).

Mr C and I have had a long chat this evening and he thinks I shouldn't be doing this diet - he says I've been really miserable since starting on Monday and I think he's getting a rough ride from me because he can eat normally and doesn't need to diet. He reckons we should switch to some healthy eating together such as Slimming World or Weight Watchers, where I won't feel so hungry, headachy and not with it.

He's gone out now and I've had a long time to think and I'm not sure what to do.

My sister in law just rang and asked me to be godmother to my new neice. I'm dreading the photos that will be taken which makes me want to do this diet, but I don't know if I can stomach it - the thought of having another shake makes me feel quite sick :sigh:
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Hey hun, the first few days can be rough, but once you settle down and are fully in ketosis you will be grand.

Hunger headache and not with it feelings will disappear after a few days and it will all be fine.....you need to decide wat kind of diet YOU want to follow, if thats WW or SW, then thats great, but if its CD you want to do then explain to Mr C that the first few days wil be hard & you would appreciate his support.

Best of luck hun!


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Oh,it's hard isn't it?Believe me though,if you can get through the first couple of days,it DOES get better.I can't believe how well I've done,and it's not often lately,that I feel tempted,even by choccy:D You CAN do it really,keep yourself busy and you'll get there!If I can do it,anyone can LOLGood luck!:hug99:


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Hi Cecelia
Everyone on here knows how you feel, its quite difficult getting through the fist few days but it does get easier as you go along. Sometimes i actually laugh to myself because i cant believe that im not eatting normal food and yet i feel great. If you really want to do this i say do it, because once you know about this diet and how quick it works, i think it will be upsetting to be doing another diet losing less every week. But really its up to you, dont let it get you down whatever you chose.

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