Feeling Despondent and Naughty


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Afternoon All

Well I am still on Week 1, WI is 2moro! I know I was naughty but got on the scales yesterday and well it says I have gained 3lb. Feeling really bleurgh to be honest! I have followed it with the exception of a dinner at Frankie and Bennys to which I was sensible, stuck to water, potato skins and bbq chicken pasta as was on a green day.

I even went and got the cross trainer and although only using it for 10 mins at a time coz its hard work you know :8855: I have been using!!

I am not going to give up, just feel like a prat going in and having first WI and well gaining. I dont know what I can do to get the lbs off!!!

Sorry no real reason to the message just a rant I think.

I know I was naughty and weighing and that come 2moro may say something toally different and I can assure you this is lesson learnt but what so i do in the mean time :confused:

Thanks peeps
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In the meantime you just keep following the plan and wait and see what weigh in says! Did you do a food diary for your C this week? If not, make sure to do one this week or post it online so people can have a look at it and make sure you're doing it right.

I know it'll be hard if you gain but that could be leftover from if had 'Last Supper' syndrome or purely just hormonal water retention! If you don't lose this week then you will surely lose next - just stick with it!


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Hi hun the best thing to do if you havent already is do a food diary either on here or for your consultant. That way people will be able to advise you on if you have over looked anything by accident. Like maybe you are not eating enough or maybe your eating something you thought was free when its not. They are very easy mistakes to make.


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S: 16st13lb C: 16st7lb G: 11st7lb BMI: 42.2 Loss: 0st6lb(2.53%)
Thanks love!!!

I know I am probably being stupid and well it will just "force" me to make sure I am 100% on the plan next week -it dont help that I have tried cooking a couple of SW meals and find they are completly disgusting, think I am going to use the Schwatz mixes as the ones I prev used are 5.5 syns a pack but I wont use all of it so can half that and I am quite happy using up 3 syns a day so I know I am going to enjoy my evening meal!!!

I did keep a food diary so hopefully SWC can tell me where i can take things off etc. Have not gone over my syns though, even when I had my Frankie and Bennys dinner!!

Time will tell

TY again


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S: 16st13lb C: 16st7lb G: 11st7lb BMI: 42.2 Loss: 0st6lb(2.53%)
TY Sonia

I will post my food diary later when I have more time and get you lovely people to checks on me.


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Hi Hun...read your post earlier, but have only had the chance to reply until now.
Definitely keep a food diary...I do and for someone with a goldfish brain like me its great!
Dont beat yourself up over what you have eaten, just concentrate now on what you are going to do in order to change it.
Some of the SW meals are rank! I agree especially the ones that use Quark as a sauce...just cant be doing with it! Lol, I like it as cream cheese and nothing else!! Lol
Instead of using your syns on the Schwartz seasoning, why not experiment yourself? The syns will be free and you can try out different combinations.
Sarah, you will reach your goals, but only you can stick to it 100%, I have read the 5 things that you would like to achieve this year on another thread, keep those in your head when you go to reach for something that you know isnt on the plan...it will keep you motivated.
Also, come on here and scream as much as you like!



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Hope that you have lost weight,purely selfish reasons,just started today and was hoping for good results when I weigh on next week.post your diary maybe others can help you if you have gone wrong and help prevent me from doing same.good luck


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S: 16st13lb C: 16st7lb G: 11st7lb BMI: 42.2 Loss: 0st6lb(2.53%)
Ok here we go my food diary for the last few days

Wednesday - Red day
B-Fruit Salad
L-Honey roast ham
S-Banana and Mullerlight Vanilla Yoghurt
D-Mixed grill with gammon, steak, pork and potatoes (190g -HEX b)
S-Dairylea Dunkers (6 syns), 2 x mini babybel (HEX a)
Milk for tea (HEX a)

Thursday - Green Day
B-Fruit Salad
L-Baked potato with a little cheese (part of HEX a) and beans
D-BBQ Chicken (71g hex b) Pasta (7 syns for sauce)
S-28g toffee popcorn at cinema (5.5 syns)
Milk for tea (HEX a)

Friday - Green Day
B-Fruit Salad
L-Baked potato with cheese (HEX a) and cheese
D-Dalepak crispy vegetable fingers x 5 (15 syns), with egg and beans
Milk for tea (HEX a)

Saturday - Green Day
S-2 x mini babybel (HEX a)
L-Dalepak crispy vegetable fingers x 5 (9 syns)
D-SW chips, beans and eggs
Milk for tea (HEX a)

Sunday - Green Day
B-Fruit salad
L-Raviolli (1.5 syns) and noodles
D- SW Chips (tried making cauliflower cheese but was foul and after not even a mouthful went in the bin)
S-2 x mini babybels (HEX a)

Today - Red Day
B-Fruit Salad
L-Chicken and Ham on salad leaves with a boiled egg and extra light mayo (3 syns)
S-Hartleys no added sugar jelly pot (0.5 syns) and a mullerlight strawberry yoghurt
D-Pork Chops, Potatoes (190g HEX b), sprouts, gravy (1.5 syns) and apple sauce (4 syns)

There we go peeps.

Thanks for all your help. Thinking of maybe doing Mix3Max next week as find lunch much easier on green but dinners much easier on red!



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Just a quick question on your Saturday lunch, I've got Dalepak Vegetable Fingers at 3 syns each which would be 15 syns for 5.

Also, for your earlier post don't worry about 3lbs on today, I weigh up to 5lbs more in an evening than I do in a morning and fluctuate all over the place during the week depending on what I've eaten or how much liquid intake.

And 10 minutes on the cros trainer is great, you build up from there. It's better than 10 minutes on the sofa lol

Got my fingers crossed for you x


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Hi maybebabypowell,

I got so exited with the choices and variety of foods I was able to eat when I very first joined SW about 3 years ago, I gained in the first week. It was mainly down to the fact that I was eating too much rather than stopping once I was full.

I do find keeping a daily food diary really helps and can't recommend doing that enough.


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Hi Sarah,
Are you keeping a food diary - let your consultant have a look at it as if you do not loose any weight she will be able to put you in the right direction.
I'm sure you will of lost something I would like to loose about a 1 stone, which is not a lot and even I lost 3llb in my first week - try not to get too hung up on it . Keep me informed.

Heather x:)


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Littlebottle - That was my error I had 5 on friday (15 syns) but only 3 on Sat (9 syns)

I am going to give mix2max a try today as I find red dinners but green lunches much easier tonight I have beef casserole with 190g of pots (HEX b), some veg and for lunch will have a jacket potato cheese (HEX a) and beans. Brekfast is the usual fruit salad!

Thats sounds alright dont it?

Cheers guys