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Feeling disheartened because of TOTM...


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Until last month I was on the pill but it really didn't agree with me so I came off it. BF and I have decided to just use the barrier method for a while so I'm now back to having regular periods.

The problem is, I've never had regular periods. I was so overweight before starting contraception that they'd virtually stopped anyway. Then I went onto a proestrogen only pill because my BMI was so high, so they literally ground to a halt.

This month is the first time in about 10 years I've had a natural period (sorry for the TMI!!) and I've gained 2lbs this week!! Is this normal? I've definitely not overeaten and know it must be water retention or something, can someone explain what actually causes the extra weight at TOTM? And will I lose doubly more next week?

Thanks. :(
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I would say it is normal, we usually hold onto more water around that TOTM...

My advice is to drink lots of water and flush it out!!

In the past all my best weight loss weeks have been when I drink lots of water even if it has been TOTM...

Gemma. Xx


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I'm the same... i practically want to murder someone right before, put on weight during (to the point that my clothes are tight some months!) and then as soon as it's finished it drops right off, plus whatever i've lost that week if i've been good and stuck to plan. I usually avoid weighing myself at this TOTM tbh because i do WW online and weigh at home, but i'd sayw hat you are experiencing is totally normal x


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With all the hormonal changes going on at this time things are bound to fluctuate like crazy. I'd say whats happening with you is totally normal. Also with it being your first proper period in a while you might notice more if you see what i mean. The joys of being female eh!


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Hi - there's not a lot you can do about it so there's not really any point in worrying about it.

If you look at my stats in my signature you will see that I often STS or have smaller losses when I am TOM AND I have the added joy of having pain and bloating mid-cycle too and the same thing happens. However, the flip side is that I have had better losses in the weeks in between which have made up for it :) (Ignore week 16 - that was just full on eating :)) Maybe make a note of your cycle like I do to see if you pick up on any patterns.

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