Feeling Down


Don't know why i'm feeling so down was ok earlier now I just keep wanting to cry, really miss food so much, they had sausages in lovely white rolls at work today and they smelt so good and then my fiancee asked if he could have a pizza tonight and I didn't have the heart to say no, I don't see why he has to suffer because i'm doing this.

When I got home from work he said he wasn't going to have one as he didn't want to put me through that so I insisted he have one and ordered it for him. It was absolute torture, how I stopped myself from grabbing a slice I don't know.

I know this is all going to be worth it in the end and it is already, I bought a dress in June at a Next clearance store for my friends wedding next week and I couldn't try it on. I tried it on when I got home and the zip only went half way up. Tried it on this week and it fits. This is going to be the first time i've worn a dress to any sort of function since my teens (i'm 35 now). I know that should make me happy but just want to cry tonight.

Sorry to waffle on. :(
Hi hon!

Unfortunately it's just phases we go through on this diet - some days amazingly good & full of energy and others the tiniest thing can set us crying or irritable. (And believe me pizza is not the tiniest thing!) BUT you have to stay strong, stay on here while he eats it, have a long bath & then think & know how wonderful you'll look in your dress at that wedding.

How long have you been on a diet, which one are you doing & how much are you hoping to lose or have lost?

Love xxx
I'm on Cambridge, i've been on it for 3 weeks now and have lost 19lbs. I need to lose at least another stone for an operation I need to have but want to lose more than that, Ideally about 3 stone but i'll see how I look and feel.

Thanks for the support, he had the pizza earlier, he even offered to go upstairs and eat it bless him. He's been really good, cooking for himself but he had an operation recently so i've had to cook for him and he was feeling down today as he's so bored being stuck at home so I felt sorry for him and said he could have the pizza but then I got down. Cheered him up though. Might go and have a bath in a min, that might help.

Thanks for your support
Hi Pickles

You did well to resist everything, some days are terrible - my family go to my mums for dinner each Friday night and it is tourture so I am joining you today in feeling down.

I was in the lake district a few weeks ago and bought this from a shop there:-

Mother Earth - 100% natural body care - bad day - body soak

I have to say it has AMAZING results in terms of raising my spirits. I have had a lot of problems with work recently and a soak in that really does seem to lift my spirits - it has rescue remedy in it and apart from it leaving the skin incredibly soft it really does seem to lift away the stress. I highly recommend it - despite it's extorionate price!

Good luck and keep posting here if you are struggling.
Thanks Flopster, i'll try that stuff. Ended up having a bath to warm myself up and to try to stop feeling sorry for myself. Feel better today after a good sleep, going to watch my team Watford play later so hopefully i'll be happy and not depressed after (playing Man U).
Hi pickles,firstly i want to congratulate u for doing so well on cd in the past 3 weeks,19 pounds that is sooooo good,and inches as well,you must be so chuffed with yourself,just think how amazing you are going to look in that new dress you bought.
Like Bakerfa said there are some days when u feel excellent and some days when the slightest thing can set u off,but when u r feeling down just remember that sole sourceing is not for ever and look at how much you have achieved in such a short amount of time and it is so worth it.
You mentioned that u need to lose another stone for an operation you could easily do that in a month or less then think how contented you will feel when you sit back and think all this hard work has paid off and you can have your op you need.
If once you have recovered from your op and you decide you still want to lose some more weight there are so many programmes on cd you can do as well as SS and still be on a vlcd diet and lose decent amounts of weight.

So pickes have a wicked day,hope your team wins if so u can celebrate with a pint of water LOL and when u r feeling down at any time,come on here and post there is always someone around to chat to and to remind you how well u have done and how u should be so very proud of yourself !!!

like people have said 19lbs is a fantastic achievement!!!WELL DONE!

You bound of have days like this! i cried to myself in the car the other day thinking why me what have i done to have to starve myself just to be able to enjoy things other people can do!! i went home and had a soup and it sort of slipped away from my mind! that was the luckily thing! however since then i have had cravings for all sorts!

my cdc said something good today! as soon as you are born and opened ur mouth someone stuck something in it and thats how it has been (for me) for me for 26yrs! so we are having to teach our minds that we dont NEED anything in our mouths as long as we're getting the nutrients our bodies need to go! and my body has alot of cals in it to last quite awhile without food!

Food in inself is just a cover for the nutrients if we were given one tablet with all the nutrients we need from a steak for the protein for example, we dont NEED the flavourings of the steak/beef to suvive!!

i have taken that away to remember everytime i want i.e a pizza! its the nutrients of the meat and veg on it we need not the i.e base!

I hope you are feeling better today... you done so well not to give in to temptation - you deserve a medal I think, especially if you were feeling down - thats the hardest time to say no!

Give yourself a pat on the back and remember how great you felt when that dress done up! Im jealous - I havent worn a dress since I was 15 - and that was a size 16!

If you need to cry you must cry - its the only way you will feel better... take some time alone and just let it all out, it will make you feel so much better I promise!

Thanks everyone, felt much better yesterday and today and am now looking forward to my friend's wedding on Saturday. I am going to eat at the wedding as I think it'll be very rude to her not to eat a meal she's paid for me to have but i'm not going to drink much just a glass of wine with the meal then will have water.