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Feeling down :-(


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Hi girls,

This is my 1st type of post like this. Infact this is the first time in the whole 18 days i have been on lipotrim that i feel depressed/down and I dont know why. The last week has been quite easy no hunger, weight loss has made me really happy. But today im really struggling, im just noticing food everywhere and its making me sad not eating the foods i love and the food that got me in this place to start with. The cravings are so strong they are making me sad :-(. I dont want to feel sad about food, i dont want an emotional connection to food. Aghhhhh doing my head in lol. Im also going to a charity event tomorrow and really should be excited, got a new sexy dress and getting my hair done etc.... grrr why do i feel like this :confused::mad:
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peach pip

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Sweetheart im sure its just a temporary thing, you have done so well and everyone has got to have a lull at some point its just how you deal with these dips in mood.... dont give into it and be strong... tomorrow is a new day and you know you will feel better.

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Raindrops on roses, whiskers on kittens...these are a few of my favourite things! If the Von Trapps can sing their way out of worries, we should all try it too! Come on now, sing along....
Get your Abba out and sing along, I work in mental health and can assure you - singing does help lift the spirit. Enjoy tomorrow night!


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S: 22st4lb C: 19st12lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 2st6lb(10.9%)
lol just had a little chuckles Elaine at singing that song , my other half my think id gone loopy if i started singing it. I know i should expect down days, i just can see so many people enjoying food and i cant... BUT im gunna be a size 12 and they arnt lol
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Lets be honest did we really enjoy tucking into a big bowl of pasta, and then pudding or whatever, I know I never did because the guilt of eating it all took all my joy away. My other half knows I am slightly mad so ignores my singing, but he does complain that I am so out of tune though. Going to the opera on Saturday night, so will definately be singing after that in the car home!
Get your Lipotrim weigh in card out and have a good read, that always cheers me up! Or go to bed early is a good one - you are out of harms way there! Elaine
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We all feel like this at some point. I felt like it last week and thought it was the end of the world. I so wanted to eat something yummy but I didn't, and do you know what I felt great the next day! Woke up in the best mood ever thanks to all the lovely messages I read on here. You've done the right thing coming on here and talking about it with people who understand and you haven't turned to food. You're slowing breaking your emotional attachment day by day. And the fact you haven't broken this diet or eaten because you feel sad and miss food is such a massive achievement. Jot down some reasons why you are doing this to remind yourself why it's so worth it! All those foods will still be there when you finish. You're not missing out, I promise. Xxxx
I too have emotional connections with food and when your feeling down everywhere you look theres food. What spurs me on is remembering the feeling I had after I had pigged out which takes all the enjoyment out of eating in the first place.

Please stay strong I am new on here and to LT and you and your weight loss are an inspiration.

Enjoy yourself tonight and remember when you are getting ready how you used to feel when you was at your heaviest in the same situation.
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hey lucy hope you feeling better today and have a fab non eating night out, you are doing so well, just keep thinking how much slimmer you will be for christmas x :bighug:


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Lucy .. I was having a *really* bad day yesterday ...read my journal and today I feel SO proud of myself for resisting temptation and for staying on track even with all that went wrong. I was pleased that I didn't turn to food and it was more scary how much I wanted to stick to the lipotrim!

It means I'm taking control of what has controlled me for years and made me utterly miserable...FOOD.

Keep up the good work honey and have a fab night out x x x


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S: 22st4lb C: 19st12lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 2st6lb(10.9%)
Hey thanks girls!! Yes im much better today, tried my dress on (its acctually a little big!) just had my hair died and looking forward to tonight. Ill try and get a pic up before (when i was 22st) and now... have a nice weekend xx
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Hi Lucy Jucie So glad your feeling better today.... hope you have THE BEST time hunni..... keep ST R O N G!!! Happy days :) xx

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