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feeling down



Is thinking positive!
my wi is wednesday but i should be weighed today ,, think i may go today to give myself a lift ,but then im worried in case i havnt lost ,i dont feel ive lost .i feel like crap actually .

Well sweetie if that's what you wanna do then go for it, You may just be surprised :) I sometimes have a sneaky midweek weigh in just to make sure I am losing also :p Good luck XX
Which day is it easiest to have as your WI day? I would try and stick to the same day each week if poss.

I had to have an early WI 4 days after my W14 WI coz I was going away. W14 was a low loss week (1.65lb) so I wasn't hopeful but it was an amazing 3.74lb! I was very pleased and went off to my sister's with a spring in my step!

Good luck.

well i did wi and im feeling worse now :( i lost 2 and quarter pounds
WHAT?! That a great loss! I know it less than your earlier weeks but to quote another minimin'er who lost 1lb this week -'a loss is a loss is a loss' -that's pure fat woman! Over 2lb of pure fat gone forever! Inamgie 2lb of meat and get some perspective -thats not an easy thing to do and you did it! WELL DONE!!!
Thats a bag of sugar plus a little bit, that your not carting around hon, celebrate!!! As BlackRose said, a loss is a loss :) Well done on LOSING 2and a quarter pound :)
fairy10 thats 4 blocks of lard a good loss we cant expect big losses each week but i know what you mean when you said you dont feel like youve lost cos thats exactly how i feel and ive got my wi tomorrow fingers crossed
well done to you
Thats a good loss keep your chin up its 2 1/2 pounds less weight than last week so keep goin glug that water and you will be fine
thanx all ur right its still goin the right way , fingers crossed for next week :)

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