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Feeling greeeeeeeeat....

Just thought I'd share this moment of happiness with you all.

I am feeling soo good today after not eating a single bit of food, despite there being EVERYTHING i used to LOVE in front of me, pretty much ALL day.

Luckily I didn't care, and don't care TBH! I feel GREAT for not eating anything, and really hoping for a great weight loss next Sunday! My family all supported me which was great, they all commented on how good I look, and everyone said how good my skin was! (is that down to the water, OR/AND the body wrap!!!...probably a bit of both!!)

We had a really, really great day!

Missed my meeting tonight :-( (it was cancelled because of Easter sunday) but will mean a biiiiig loss next Sunday!!!!

Can't wait to see some of my mates at Uni who I haven't seen since September before I started on placement! :)

I think they'll all be VERY, very shocked!!!

anyway, just abit happy/excited etc so thought i'd share my excitement here! :)

Lighter Life is life changing - stick to it everyone, it really, REALLY is worth it! Can't believe i have got this far! *pats myself on the back, hehe*

Night all! & Happy Easter x
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Well done Tommeee, its great to post when you have a good day too,,,I had a good diet day, but unlike yourself I stayed out of the way of temptation, I had CB on my shoulder all day, but I swatted her away like a fly.

It does feel good to have another successful day under our belts, I'm off to bed now,

Nite Nite
Thats a great post, and pleased to hear you got through the day without food. :clap:

Keep us posted after you see your friends so we can share the positive comments you get from them.

I am only on week 5 so have ages yet, but agree LL is brill and indeed life changing

keep going



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You deserve that pat on the back!!

Well done for sticking to your guns! I wish I had such strong willpower!

Your loss next week will be big, and well-deserved!!
Well done Tommee - isn't it great when you manage to stay strong in a situation where you might have just dived in before - I know I would of!! It'll be fantastic when you see your mates - just think of comments you'll get!! Don't forget to share them with us!!

Well done again... :hug99:


has started again!!

I am soooo pleased for you! Well done and you so deserve that pat on the back!

I too succeeded in avoiding temptation yesterday. I did not eat out at MIL, instead I stayed in the garden and cleaned out the fountain!! (YUK) However, this morning, the fountain is bubbling and clear, and all is well with the world!

I did actually put a tiny bit of Easter egg choc in my mouth, but totally honest, as it began to melt , I really did not like the taste, so spat it in the sink!!! It just tasted all fatty and horrid. :confused::confused::confused: Maybe my tastes have actually changed, after all. I was the original chocaholic!!

Have a great week, Tommee, and lets us know how Sunday goes wont you?? (my WI is on Weds this week, a day early due to LLC being away.)

Cheers, and congrats to you!!
well done tommee what an inspiration! Do you mind me asking how long you have been on LL and how much you have lost in total. Keep up the great work x


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Tommee that's a great post, I love your optimism, you really are doing so well. I can't wait to hear about how your friends react when they see you :)



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So glad you got through yesterday with ease. Such a great feeling seeing family and friends, having a good time and realising that you really dont need food to enjoy yourself. A real breakthrough.
;) Well done Tommeee, what a great post, its great to hear your news, I think when someone posts good news it must motivate others to aim for that feeling I know I feel great today but reading your post puts a big smile on my face for YOU, WELL DONE:bliss:
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Well done Tommee glad it worked out and you are feeling on top of the world. Great big pat on the back to you and everyone else who got through this terribly hard weekend.
Phew! we made it! Thanks for your posts Tomme really helped me get through my own food/family ordeals this Easter.
You are an Inspiration.
X Carole

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Well done Tommee, what an achievement!
I bet the family were shocked when they saw the new you.

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