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Feeling Grumpy

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Or is it Dopey, all the dwarfs look the same to me!!!!

Sorry, feeling a bit down today, don't know why really, just sad! Maybe it's the weather, maybe coz I've found out a so-called friend has been talking about me behind my back, maybe just coz I'm tired and not sleeping very well. I don't know.

I'm usually very upbeat about things but today is just a "urgh" day. Sorry, don't mean to bring you all down but just need a bit of cheering up!!!

Doesn't help that not only will I have to miss my WI Monday and wait for Tuesday coz I have to go to a boring meeting Monday morning but I have just found out I need to have a minor op on my birthday! I have to have my damaged toenail removed as it has grown wrong after being half ripped off. I need to have it done coz I can't wear shoes comfortably over it and the winter seems to be here early and I can't get away with wearing flip flops forever. So postponing is not an option! Even worse, I have to work the evening of my birthday and can't get out of it!

Thank you all just for being here and letting me let off steam. I do appreciate it! Now I better get ready for the school run, hectic early tea and dash off for the children's activities this afternoon.:sigh:

Where is the sunshine?

Love you all.

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Sorry to hear about the day u've been having! Please try not to feel down and think about all the possitive things! Have a rainy day in with the kids and play some games.. or head for the jammies and a blanket and have a cosy one. It's unfortunate about your toe op being on ur birthday :( but look on the bright side.. it'll be all fixed up for you to strut your stuff in sky high heels wen u get to target. Keep smiling!! you'll do great on ur weigh xxxx
Awwww hun, it's not like you to be feeling down! I hope you cheer up soon - have a look after your fine new body in the mirror, that should put a smile on your face!

As for your toe, i know it's not very nice having the op done on your birthday, but look at the bright side, at least your day will be occupied with thoughts of that and not of birthday cake! And you get to have a newly fixed foot for a birthday present!

Keep smiling hun *big hugs* xxxx
Sorry I missed this yesterday, sending you hugs, hope you are feeling a bit brighter today, even if the weather isn't!

Sorry about your 'friend' that sort of thing is always a bit grim, but whilst she is calling you she is leaving someone else alone.

It will be good to get the toe done, it will all be ready for glam shoes at Xmas when you are gadding about at target weight x
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arrrr hugs hunni this isnt like you but i am glad you decided to talk to us here. people who talk nasty things behind yur back are not worth being friends and you deserve better. i am sorry about your op being on your birthday and with you working. hope you are feeling better today so sorry i didnt see this yesterday when you posting it. big hugs hunni and keep ya chin up if you can. xxxx


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This is so not like my cheery, gentle Cuddly Fairy, but everyone gets a few bad days now and then.
I think it's an accumulation of:- The sh***y weather, the lack of calories, the lack of nice things to taste, the nasty, so called friend and having to have your poor sore toe done.
Wish I could sit you down with a nice coffee and give you a hug, but here's avirtual one! :hug99::patback: Come back on and tell us how you feel (good or bad)
We love you! :sign0168: xx


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I missed this too til now! Poor cuddly! Like everyone said soooo not like you hun! Hugs! Just think when the toe is done, you will be able to wear sexy shoes to show off your fab figure and then the friend will have something else to be saying about you!!!!!!!
I missed this as well BIG HUGS hope your feeling better.
As for your friend she is only jealous of how fab you are looking.
Simply smile at her next time and think I never realised your "NOSE" (fill in with a body part) was so flaming huge!!!!!!!!

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Hello all!

Thank you sooooooooooo much for all your kind words. I am sooooooo sorry about Friday - defo the hormones getting me down. Bally totm, I HATE it with a vengence!!!!!

I'm feeling so much better today, Friday was hectic after school dashing round with the children then yesterday youngest had a friend to stay over so we were busy again. Today I took youngest and friend to their sports club then baked triple choc muffins with them afterwards. Now I'm having a well deserved sit down while eldest makes tea!

I'm glad to say I have sorted things with the friend. It turns out the mutual friend I thought she had been talking with had said something to me that I had misunderstood and my hormones just made me more sensitive and I kinda over-reacted. I feel very silly about the whole situation but I find the mutual friend hard to read and am very careful around her.

I am finding it quite hard to sleep these days which doesn't help!

I've come to terms with having the op on my birthday. I need it doing so the sooner the better. Working that night is poo but the children are so busy with their activities on a Thursday anyway that it wouldn't make any difference if I didn't work anyway! We have a party to go to the weekend before and I have a girlie day shopping to look forward to the weekend after so I'll be fine.

Thank you all so much for caring.

Big hugs to you all.


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