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feeling pleased with myself

just run 4k in 31 mins - could have kept going but had to pick my daughter up from cheerleading.

i would have done 5k in about 40 mins if i had kept going, which is my aim...

so next week i'm going to get there a bit earlier and see if i can do it!

daisy x
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Is back in the saddle!
Well done you!! :cool:

(Can you do a couple of strides for me? Maybe my knee won't hurt that way.:sigh: )
That's fantastic Daisy

Thinking about it makes me feel exhausted !!!


Happy in my own skin
Well done Daisy. You always seem so disciplined with your exercise...:)
just done an aerobics class!

i have to be disciplined as its the ony way i will keep the weight off. im going for weigh in today and will have put on a couple of pounds in the last fortnight - i have to be soooo careful

daisy x


Staff member
Well done Daisy!!!:superwoman:

Love Mini xxx


Happy in my own skin
How did the weigh in go Daisy? I went for a run today. I'm still not able to run for long without stopping, but it is increasing.
put on 1lb
so am now 8.13 - top of my box

have eaten rubbish for 2 days so now cutting back

i ran today for 16 mins, walked 2, ran 10 so really pleased. I would have carried on but my husband got there too soon - we were on the way to see his parents and i set off before - told him to leave 40 mins after me - but he obviously can't tell the time and picked me up too early!

good on you for running - i am amazed how fast im improving. at the start it was run one min, walk one min.

slow and steady!

daisy x
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Well done girls

My husband says the only time I run is if the phone rings !!!
We done Daisy - I've started running on the treadmill in the gym and over the past 12 weeks have built up from not being able to run for very long at all to doing 5k in 40 minutes. I now have to take this out of the gym and run in the real world - I don't think I could run for 40 minutes off the treadmill - I ran a mile on Sunday in our local park and it was quite a bit harder!


Happy in my own skin
I tend to find that I can run on the treadmill a lot longer than I can when I'm just outside running. I know the surface is different but I also think I run in the gym at the end of my workout and I'm sure that means I've had a really good warmup and means I can run for longer. I'm going running again tomorrow morning and going to make sure I have a long warmup to see if that helps.

Well done Anders and Daisy, I'm hoping to catch up with you both soon...:)


Happy in my own skin
Well done Anders, I've managed 16 minutes the last two runs I've done, apparently I managed 2 miles but I'm not sure if my phone's stopwatch/mile counter is accurate. I'm hoping to up it to 20 this week.
Well done guys ...i am always so enviuos of runners as it something I've never cracked.
I go on the treadmill at the gym but just do a very brisk hill walk. You have inspired me to try a little run ... I need to start somewhere;)

hi there
am feeling a bit sorry for myself at the moment as i've been ill since the weekend and have missed all my classes and not been running.
i will be doing some cycling and swimming over the next few days at centre parcs tho so can build myself back up hopefully

well done anders and morticia keep up the good work!
daisy x


Happy in my own skin
Hope you had a good time at Centre parcs and are feeling a lot better now Daisy.


Happy in my own skin
I'm using this thread as a bit of a record of my exercise. So today I ran for 27 minutes. I aim to increase it to 30 mins 3 times next week and go up by another 5 the following week.

Wish me luck...:)
thats fab!
i haven't been out for a couple of weeks cos i felt ill and now back on packs so don't want to to do too much.
i'm still going to do pilates and maybe one aerobics class for the next couple of weeks
daisy x

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