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Feeling really down

I used to have weeks where i felt miserable and was craving food all the time but it was usually around TOTM. Could this be why you are feeling the way you are?? I think because we are on a diet like CD our bodies aren't used to it and so you can get all kinds of hormones everywhere attempting to get things back to normal. You could be on the diet for a long while and your body would still try to bring everything back to normal. I'm not sure it thats true but its my opinion.

Have you tried exercising?? That will help lift your mood if you're feeling really low. It can also help keep you focused and more positive.

I wish i could be of more help but i dont even know if i make sense half the time, lol. I hope you feel better soon. Try to stay positive and think of how amazing you will feel when you reach goal weight. We are all here for you.

xx :)

p.s I dont think your a moody cow, i am tho :p, lol


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Sorry you're feeling down. Some days I feel a bit fed up - usually when someone at work is eating a bacon roll or chips near me :cry:

I'm certainly taking a lot more baths in the evening to use up time and keep my away from thinking about food :rolleyes:. Esp as being anti-social as I don't like sitting with a glass of water whilst everyone else eats :(

Have you tried making a chocolate pack into muffins or a mousse which you can have a little of when you get the chocolate craving ? Even if it's in addition to your normal packs that's better than eating the real thing, although not as nice ;). Or slice up the bars and just eat them a slice at the time throughout the day.

Hope you're feeling a little better now :wavey:

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