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Feeling really ill...

Hi all. Anyone ever felt really really sick on CD? I've had a few days where I've been nauseous, but today just feel terrible. Really think I will vomit before long and my head is feeling fuzzy. Is it possible I could be drinking too much water? Had about 3 and a half litres today - just seem so thirsty - but now can feel it just floating inside me. :(
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I do feel rough but not that bad. Can you not have a lie down? is it worth contacting your CDC and explaining your symptoms? Hope you feel better soon :)


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you might have caught a bug and it may be nothing to do with cd. look after yourself hun and rest up - hope you feel better soon xx
Hey hun, sorry to hear your not feeling good. I have had the odd day where I havent felt tip top but only one day where I just wanted to curl up and be left alone - think it was day 5. It passed eventually and I think that drinking a bit more water helped. Good point about too much water though - does anyone know what would be considered too much water?
Think it was too much water. Sorry to be graphic, but the instant I vomited some of the water up, felt better. Will be far more careful from now on. Think I glugged too much in too short a time
I know! But it is weird when you feel really thirsty and yet you're drinking loads of water. It really scared me earlier to be honest, whole place was spinning at one point. Back to sipping for me then!


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hey honey. if cd is making you feel nautious, try cutting your packs in half to reduce the amount of nutrients you get in one go as this is what tends to make you feel sick. and don't down an entire litre bottle of water at once :p

abz xx


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hope your feeling a bit better ..its horible feeling sick makes u feel really rough xx

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