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Feeling so weak today

I am on day 4 and a re-starter, I did this 2 years ago and cannot remember feeling so weak like I am today, yesterday I was full of energy and did lots of chores I couldn't be bothered to do before I started the diet, but I can't do anything today, I even used the car to take the kids to sch (it's a 10 min walk) as I felt so weak to walk, my body is also aching esp my legs, cld I have overdone it yesterday with the chores or is this a normal thing. When I did it first time, I remember being on top of the world, full of energy from day 3 onwards... I'm also really sleepy? I never sleep during the day... shld I be worried?
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It can be down to a few things...you are doing too much in the first week...not drinking your water frequently throughout the day...or enough.

I found each time I started a vlcd to be different than the last and I have experienced the tiredness you are going through and also the high energy. The high energy does not normally kick in until the following week. I think a lot depends also on how you prepared the week before...like cutting down on the carbs etc.

Your body is going through a lot in the first week or two as it is adjusting to the new diet.

If you are feeling worried in anyway you are best to contact your CW.
I did cut out the carbs completely prior to re-starting, I've been drinking 4/5 litres of water during the day and am definately in ketosis, just did the keto stix test... I probably overdid it yesterday, I cleaned so much, my hse is spotless....lol it hasn't been this way for a while...lol, am gonna go for a wee nap and see how i feel when i wake up... thanks. x
im really tired this week... (im kinda in week 3ish)
i dont know why. maybe there is a bug or something going round.... or the weather.... i dont know...
I'm day 4 today too Ladyrose and I feel achey and it took all my strength to walk for 20 minutes to work this morning! I'm sleeping much better than I ever have before, wake up with loads of energy and then slump. Am hoping it'll get better!

Ladyrose if you want to buddy up as we're on the same day then let me know xxx
@ kes, yes def something to do with the weather I think...:) @ Nally, would love to buddy up with you, let's do this!!! x
ladyrose, it sounds like you might have over done it yesterday and its catching up with you, hopefully you will see your energy returning soon.

I am smiling, I assume you are not really 12ft 10inches with a bmi of 4 :)
lol hedgehog, i don't know where to change that info, tried finding it but can't see where? please advise... :) I am 5.1 with bmi of 25.77 as per my signature...
yes i saw that and did wonder what a 12 foot person would actually look like!

go to user cp on the top left of the blue bar.
then go to edit details on the left hand side.
you need to change your height..
and put in you weight etc. and it works it out for you
you dont have to change it... every time you change your weight as you lose then it automatically does it. :)
with a BMI of just very slightly over 25 hun, you shouldnt be doing ss....?
maybe is just crying out for "more".....?


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