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feeling soo weak


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Hi Kimmie
Without wishing to be rough on you, this is the reality of a VLCD.
There WILL be days when you feel [email protected] They will pass. This is also the reason why usually we wait 3 months after a baby's birth. Being a mum is exhausting in itself and then you take away food and a source of energy. (I have 2 children myself, one with special needs so I know how it is)
This lousy feeling DOES pass. Go have a bath after the little one is settled and an early night. Tomorrow is another day and a step closer to losing your weight.


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Definatey get an early night, make sure you have drunk enough water too. It will get better.

I totally agree with what spooky has said about why you should maybe have waited the 3 months. It is extremely tiring looking after a new born baby. I also think that SSing isnt the one for you and maybe you should be on a higher plan.

Have a chat with your CDC tomorrow.
The first couple of days are the worst as you go through a bit of glucose withdrawal and getting used to the diet.

After 2-3 days you will feel a LOT better and the diet gets easier. Be tough and make it through these early days...you can do it! The results are worth it!


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taylors fine to look after, i have all the help i could need, shes fast asleep now. she sleeps allday and night lol

no i feel fine in my self, just body aches, but il manage! keep jumping on scales though! opps lol


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hedgemeg! im fine! im not moving upto a higher plan, its my first day ov course im going to want food!
im seriosuly not moving up to a higher plan, i live with my mum n dad and they help out alot, so im not exhausted looking after taylor

Maggie is suggesting a higher plan. Nothing wrong in that and I am sure if she was your CDC she would suggest it directly as would I.

This site is about support and we are ALL happy to support you.

You are saying you feel weak then you are fine??:confused:

We all want you to do well, but on the flipside we want you to be healthy and happy while you diet. We are all looking out for each other here.


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i think its just cause im tired hun, im off to bed, if i feel bad by this time next week, i shall change, ok? =]


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it will get easier honestly :D
I felt completely crap by the end of the first day, I was looking at doing all sorts of different diets I felt it was so awful, but when I woke up on day 2 i was feeling really positive and I havent looked back

Stay away from the scales during the day if you can if you have to (and some of us have too me included) try and keep it to the morning times :)

An early night sounds like a great idea I definitely had a few the first week LOL


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