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Feeling sorry for myself!

Sorry to moan but am really feeling sorry for myself this morning.:cry:

Whenever I get really run down I tend to get a cold sore and this has been a really stressful week so no great shock to see one appear a couple of days ago. Then yesterday cold sore number two arrives so I didn't feel very happy but today I have woke up to find another two so now I have four cold sores !! :eek::eek::eek:

So now I'm feeling pretty rotten. :wave_cry:

I've never got them this bad before and I wonder if it's because I'm doing CD that my immune system isn't doing so well. I have to admit to feeling a lot more tired than usual while on CD which probably hasn't helped. Anyway I'm not looking for a reson to stop. At the moment I'm going strong on CD but was just thinking.

On a positive note, good luck today guys. I'm off to read everyones posts now to keep me on track :)
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awwww poor you! ive never had a cold sore in my life but recently i got one in my eye...it was hell! i didnt even know you could get them in your eye :cry:

im hoping it doesnt recurr soon or often, like coldsores on the mouth do.

i know that cd give you your rda of vitamins minerals etc but id be interested to know if theres any effect on your immune system too....
poor you, i used to get them years ago and having one would get me down, but 4! I hope they begin to clear up soon, my friend sufferered from them when she started CD and she got loads of spots, she got really down and has just come off CD because she's so fed up.
I hope you feel better over the weekend x
Thanks girls, appreciate all your kind words.

I'm just hoping it's stress related rather than CD related.


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Hope your cold sores clear up soon, think i would be feeling sorry for myself too if i had four, one is bad enough!

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