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Feeling sorry for myself


On a mission!
I've been to the dentist today & got sedated, so I had a sleep in the afternoon which usually makes me feel crap.

My chest feels like I might be getting a chest infection.

I'm finding it so hard watching people eat around me.

I'm starting to doubt that I can do this for 6 months. It feels like I'm dreaming about food all the time and I'm on day 5.

Sorry to moan guys.
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soon to be minnie mouse
hi cheeky, cheer up you've done the hard part getting to ketosis so don't waver now. you wont take 3 months to achieve your target, take a look at the losses people have been logging in. i've been on plan for 4wks and already lost 1 1/2 stone so keep focused.


need to be old goofy me
Keep at it...

Plus, don't look at it like you've 6 months to do! That can make things seem so daunting. I find it easier to set myself mini-goals ~ see my signature. I aim towards something that i can achieve in a matter of weeks and it makes me feel fantastic when i can tick it off my list. Break it into chunks, rather than looking at the bigger picture. Take each day at a time. I agree, watching others eat food is hard at times. However, what do you want more... to eat your favourite food, or to get to your goal weight...??

All your favourite foods will still be there when you've achieved your target, so really you're never missing out on anything. Keep going and be strong... it does get much easier.


On a mission!
I know I'm being a baby, I just want to cry.

I'm not hungry, so food isn't the answer right now.

In general though, all I'm thinking about is food.
hey i was sedated at dentist yesterday too!

although i wasnt on ss so had a little treat last night to reward myself for being a (not so) brave girl lol... choc buttons oops!

seriously though, break it down into targets/ goals. maybe do a higher plan if the eating bit is an issue but dont give up yet!
You *can* do it :vibes:
The first week is definitely the hardest, but after a while it just becomes second nature.

It can be hard when other people are eating around you (sometimes I ask my dh if I can sniff his food - especially when he's eating chocolate or curry!:eek:) But then I ask myself if I'm hungry, and tbh, when I think about it, I'm not, it's just appetite and habits.

Can you give yourself a (non-food) treat to make up for your rubbish day - bubble bath, good film, something like that?:)


need to be old goofy me
I'm not hungry, so food isn't the answer right now.

In general though, all I'm thinking about is food.
In my first week, i had repetitive dreams at night that i'd been downstairs and had a midnight feast, then i'd wake up the next morning thinking that my dream was reality and panicking that i'd mucked things up for myself. But those dreams stopped by the beginning of my 2nd week. Seriously, it does get easier! Hang in there... you'll be glad you did when you see the weight falling off yourself!
Sedation can effect the moods, you are probably feeling more down due to that (((hugs)))

Dont look at it in a time scale, think of it in smaller goals and like others have said the first month you will lose a bit more than the stone :) you'll be approaching your goal before you know it


soon to be minnie mouse
don't give in now as it will be much harder for yourself to resume the diet, just write your thoughts down here and before you know it you'll be over the worst promise
Thanks guys ((hugs)) I really needed that.

I feel teary and down, but I feel better since posting.

This place and you lovely people really are a lifesaver!


Laserbeams set on goal
Hey cheekychops, can I join in too?

I've done well all day, and felt fine. I'm on Day 8. But come 6pm and I've been craving some solid food. So much so, I could cry right now?!! :wave_cry:

OH had a pork chop for his tea, and it took me all my willpower not to strip the last of the meat off the bone before I fed it to the dog!! Yuck!!

I don't know what's up with me tonight. :sigh:
Hey Sunnysmile, I'm trying to keep in mind that it will all be worth it to get the weight off. Well done for resisting the food.


Full Member
hey cheeky chops, something about your name makes me smile, you probably do feel crud at the mo...but think about how gorgeous you will feel inside in a couple of weeks time...keep going and have faith in yourself take care x
Just to say, I didn't cheat and I am feeling better emotionally (thanks everyone)

I think I may be getting a sore throat, is vit c ok on ss?

I think I'll buy some de caf coffee, just to have a bit of flavour going on lol.

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