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Feeling Sorry for myself


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Oh poor you - I can't even begin to imagine how that feels.

Try not to worry too much about WI this week, you need to concentrate on feeling better & getting rid of the pain.

I hope you get it sorted out soon x


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Hi hun, just you worry about making sure you feel better x


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I have gallstones and have had a really bad flare up this weekend:cry:Am on really strong painkillers and waiting to have my gallbladder out.

Every time I eat it hurts:cry:

I did lose 0.5lbs on Monday, but not sure how it's going to affect me this week.
I had some really bad pains last week and when i went to the doctors he said I may have gallstones.
But I think he thinks Im pregnant !!- Im not ..
Did he do and say this to you ?......
he asked me if there was any chance I could be- NO
then he listened to my top half of my stomach and is now sending me for an ultra sound scan..
what are your symtoms and where do you get the pain ?


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I had suspected gallstones a couple of years ago (my mum had her GB removed when I was little and she said it sounded like the pain she'd had) - they did do an ultrasound (couldn't see any stones, phew). It felt like there was a tight band of fire around my ribcage and spreading through the middle of my chest/stomach as well. Not fun.


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Hi hunni, Ive come out of lurkdom just for you.lol.
I had my gallbladder removed 3weeks ago, so can understand why you are 'feeling sorry for yourself' the pain is awful hunni, so im sending you loads and loads of hugs.

When you have a flare up do you call your docs and tell them?? I did everytime as the pain was getting worse each time and lasting longer etc, eventually they sent me in quicly when they had a cansellation, might be worth a try.xxx

ANWEN- I had a scan 4yrs ago as they thought I had galstones but they couldnt see anything BUt as ive just said above as I kept going back to the docs with the pain eventually they did another scan and found stones, please dont live with this awful pain, you are not pestering the doc you just want your pains sorted.xx good luck.xx


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Aww, thanks for that - I should have said that the pain did stop after a while, and touch wood I only get occasional flare ups. I do wonder if it might be an ulcer or something, but I have a lot of other things wrong with me and don't like to go to the doctor about new(ish) stuff unless I have to as I do worry a bit that they'll think I'm a hypochondriac. If it starts to get more frequent again I will go back, though :)


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Oh poor you, I 'm glad you are feeling better.SW should help with the flare-ups as it's low fat, but it would be worth you ringing the hospital and saying you are willing to go in at short notice. It saves them having to ring round everyone. Good luck. Do badger your GP, he/she gets £120,000 for a 5 day week! They might just plead your case and get you in faster.
Hi ya, been reading your thread as I too had gallstones and eventually had my gallbladder out. I suffered for ages and ages and just assumed it was heartburn as i ate utter rubbish. One night - after a burger king it was soooo bad i was on the floor. Hubby took me to casualty and i was rushed to hospital. I was given a morphine injection which helped. Worst thing was i wasnt allowed to eat and being on a ward where food was being brought in was awful ha ha. Eventually had a scan and gallstones were found. I thought they would just pass when i went to the loo but apparently the gallbladder is automatically taken out. I had to wait 4 months for the op - but the pills i was given in the meantime helped. I had the op at miday and by 6pm that night i was on my way home!!!! They dont like keeping you in nowadays do they!! I did have key hole though, if you have the other way you are in for upto 5 days. It wasn't too bad and i dont get any symptons now - even when bad food finds its way to my mouth ha ha
Sorry if i have gone on a bit - just wanted to reasure you that the op is not to bad x


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so is the pain like a tight band that follows your 'arch' of your ribcage? and then sort of shoots up between your boobs- as this is what I am having and it really hurts

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I am waiting for surgery for this too. My ultrasound showed lots of small stones and the surgeon said it was best to get them out, as they tend to move around and block things! The pain of a flare-up is awful but it took me YEARS to tell my doctor... I just put it down to stress and some kind of muscular "spasm".
so is the pain like a tight band that follows your 'arch' of your ribcage? and then sort of shoots up between your boobs- as this is what I am having and it really hurts
Pretty much yes. When it's really bad it feels hard to breathe.

Thanks for all the replies, sorry not been on here for a few days as I've felt quite poorly and the tablets they have given me for the pain all but knock me out.

I am at the Drs on Tues and will be begging him to mark me as an urgent case.

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