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feeling the cold!

I did put the heating on for half an hour today just to warm the house up a bit....I warmed up with some housework and a cup of tea, but picked my baby son up out of his cot and his tiny hands were freezing!! Told my husband it was justified as the baby was cold...I didn't benefit at all ;o)

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is losing for shoes
My hubby has been keeping me going about constantly being cold so I'm glad its not just me!!! Yesterday I put a pair of last years thermal leggings on which were soo big that they came up to my arm pits!!! Still kept me a bit warmer though :8855:


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I'm definitely feeling the cold more now that I've lost some weight.

I have the 15 tog duvet on the bed already, my hot wheat bag has been dug out and I made a big pot of beef stew last night!
It is freezing!! Woke up this morning and didnt want to move because the house was too cold! Luckily my sock draw is next to my bed... I rummaged around for bed sock for my hands and feet lol wasnt too bad once I was up and moving but the heating is defiantly going on tonight! I just need to try and figure out the bloody timer on it!! :0(....
i came home after work tonight and sorta pigged out :(
i had2 lots of toast and butter as i was waiting for dinner.... i know it's the cold encouraging this (and i'm not making excuses, it's just when i am cold...it does make me want to eat)
however i'm not overly worried, i'm going to bed early (with my furry hotwater bottle) and will be up at 6am to cycle to work (just under 4miles).... and i've made lunch,got fruit in so i fully intend on not repeating this tomorrow and not having as many syns either :)
Time to start making soup! Leek and potato soup for lunch tomorrow.

And I have located my big red fleecy blanket from the back of the drawer and it will live next to my telly-watching chair from now on - what with snuggling into the fleece, and the electric blanket on the bed, I think I can put off switching on the heating until my normal date of November 1st!

Actually, today was the first day I have felt really cold, and I think that was because I got caught in torrential rain and was soaked to the skin this afternoon.
I think we are in for a cold winter :(
today was definately a test of will power to cycle in lol did eventually get out of bed and put shorts on (well, they're meant to be shorts...but i'm 'fun sized' so they sorta stop a few inches about my ankle)
...not my best decision to wear these but least i made the cycle in:eek:

heard that too about this winter being another cold one....which sorta sucks because last xmas all our oil was used over the period of a week because the pipes froze...not great:sigh:

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