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Feeling very disheartened today :(

Ugh. I am feeling very sorry for myself today.

After a great 3 losses i only lost 0.5lb this week, which is a loss i know, but i have SO much to lose that if i drop down to 0.5 a week it is going to take me forever to shift all this.

I got on the scales this morning....yes i know you shouldnt really weigh yourself more than once a week and i am up 0.5lb from Monday.

I have been so good. No sneaky anything, stuck to my points. Drank water. And i feel so rubbish about it.

Am feeling very sorry for myself indeed :cry:
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Ah hun, i know this feeling well!!

You have had some fantastic losses over the past few weeks, you should be really proud of yourself. Your body weight will naturally fluctuate over the week, i go up and down by a few pounds all week - so i put the scales away and don't touch them anymore.

I'm sure that all your hard work has not gone to waste, people follow the plan 100% for weeks on end and don't loose anything...then all of a sudden thier bodies catch-up!

I'm sure at your next weigh-in, all your hard work will shine through! Keep your chin up x
Awww don't feel down chicken x

Keep up with the good work this week and i'm sure you will have lost again at next weeks weigh in.

I'm like you, I jump on the scales more than I should and then feel down too... i'm a bit addicted to it to be honest.

Just take each day as it comes x :)
Im sure you will have a good lose next week!!! you are doing really well!

I have only lost 1lb this week.. so im hoping for a good lose nxt week.. i know it makes you feel down when you only see a small lose but you have to carry on!
Awww!!!! Don't worry love. Your body is a mysterious creature... but when you look at what you have done up to now, you see that in just 1 month of diet you've lost an incredible 9 lbs. Can you imagine that 9 LBS! Give your body some time to get used to this change before shifting some more. You might not know that, but 9 lbs is the equivalent of a human head (!!!!) plus a guinea pig :D Well done for losing that!

Besides, is it TOTM by any chance? It happened to me all the time, at TOTM I had a halt in my weight loss, losing only 0.5 lb or maybe 1 lb maximum. It depends for any woman, during your ovulation or at TOTM you can put on up to 3 lb of water retention, which then goes away the following week. It's 4 weeks you're on the program, so it could very well be that, and you would find a very nice loss next week!

Chin up, as the others have said. Look back at what you have done up to now. You went from a BMI of 34.4 to a BMI of 32.9 in just one single month! If you keep doing what you've been doing, it will mean that by next month you might be out of the "obese" category! Isn't that a great result in just 2 months?

But even if you were keeping on losing only 0.5 lb a week (which I don't think it'll happen). That would mean that this time next year you will have lost 26 lbs! If you were losing only 1 lb a week instead that would mean 52 lbs lost this time next year! For your knowledge, you have now 63 lbs to lose to get to your goal, so a steady loss of 1 lb a week would mean that this time next year you would be only 11 lbs from your goal! That means that you would be just needing to lose 3 lbs to get to goal at Christmas 2011, and you would reach at goal on the first week of January 2012! What great way to celebrate the New Year of the Olympics?

But of course I'm sure you will have weeks with 2 or 3 lbs loss and other weeks with 1 or 0.5. If I look back to my weight loss, I've lost 63 lbs in 10 months. That's only 6 lbs a month, so you're doing better than that at the moment! I did have weeks with only 0.5 loss, or also with a gain. What would I have needed to do in that case, cut my veins? :D Instead there I am, now at goal, still losing!

I want to share with you what were my weekly losses for the first month:
13st 2.1 26/07/09
12st 13.3 02/08/09
12st 10.9 09/08/09
12st 10.0 16/08/09

so as you can see, after a great start, on the fourth week (again, TOTM!) I had lost 0.9 lbs, so less than 1 lb. At meetings the scale shows changes of only 0.5 a time, so if I had had the WW meeting scales to weight me that week, I would probably have only lost 0.5 as well. Look at the following week:
12st 7.1 23/08!!!! So as you can see, it WAS water retention. Let's see the rest of the month:
12st 3.4 30/08
12st 1.6 06/09
12st 1.2 13/09 ---> again, as you can see, the fourth week I lost 0.5 lb!

Can you see a trend? But this way of losing allowed me to lose 63 lbs in 10 months. So you're on your way mate. You could be celebrating next Halloween at goal! :)
Just to add to the point, I found my old card from the first time I lost weight with WW in 2005 (the starting weight on this website is the weight I had then, because I consider the 2 years I was off the program and put weight back on as a sort of *ahem* holiday gain *ahem* *clears voice*.

Anyway, this was my loss on the first 2 months of WW ever, on the WW scales:
14st 2.5 12/09/05
13st 11 20/09/05 -5.5 lbs
13st 8.5 27/09/05 -2.5 lbs
13st 5 04/10/05 -3.5 lbs
13st 7 18/10/05 +2 lbs!!!! to be fair, I was on a "home holiday" back to my mum and dad for a week... trying to follow the plan, but you know how mums are ;)
13st 4.5 25/10/05 -2.5 lbs---> so nothing harmed and also an extra 0.5 lost!
13st 2.5 01/11/05 -2 lbs
13st 1.5 15/11/05 -1 lb
13st 1 22/11/05 -0.5 lb
12st 10 29/11/05 -5 lbs!!!!! <-- by there, I had lost 20 lbs!!!

But as you can see, even the first time round I would slow down at ovulation/TOTM and then the following week, *BANG* 5 lbs off :)

You will be fine luv, I know you will. Chin up!
Julia great reply

I lost every week for 17 weeks I lost 3 stone from march to July, in July I had a new mirena coil since then I've lost and gained and have been 100% except 7 no count days but didn't go mad.

ATM 2 weeks ago I gained 3lbs last week I lost 5lbs this week I gained 3 lbs Again I had 2 totm and know it's water retention I lost 8.5 inches in the month. I do 3-4 zumba classes a week.

What I'm trying to say is Julia is spot on women are unlucky that's why measuring is good I read ignore scales weigh once a month for a true picture.
I also couldn't lol.
I know it's hard with gains sts small losses but it's the bigger picture.

I'm 8 months in 3 St 10lbs lower 41. Inches less fitter confident and live exercise ????

Your doing excellently your bodys adjusting dony give up just accept every loss as a gain - a gain towards success and experience ;)



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The slowing down of weight loss is your body protecting itself from going into a state of shock from too rapid weight loss. WW isn't a crash diet, which is why it's safe, even if it's a little slower at times that we'd like. I am Yertle the Turtle when it comes to week-to-week loss, but all those little 0.2s add up!

Go to the supermarket and check out the half-pound blocks of butter, and imagine that it is not plastered onto your hips/thighs/belly! Now, take 52 of the half-pound blocks, stack 'em in your shopping cart and see what volume even a modest loss like that would have over a year's time. It adds up, eh?
Very true Rachel I'm turtle too many people on here have zipped past me lol but ive lost over my 5 year old in weight ..... I know it's harder with smaller losses but it's that or put on or sts in 6 months time you'll be glad you stuck to it xx
Awww thank you all for your replies :)

Am stepping away from the scales totally. Fingers crossed i will see a loss on Monday. Am not even anywhere near thinking of caving and grabbing something naughty.

You are all awesome, thanks!

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