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Feeling very out of control


2 Years Maintaining :)
Well I put the 2lbs I lost last week back on again.
I'm feeling very out of control- in fairness I know I had a party on Saturday and I was ok food wise this week it's not that I'm very bothered by the 2lbs its just I know I'm eating more carbs now and I swear I am so bloated!
Maybe its cause I havent had totm in ages? I dunno........really feelin like I wanna go back on TFR but I'm not allowed, but doin maintenace gives you so much more freedom I know I'm taking advantage of it!
I was bad today and ate a whole pack of chocolate covered peanuts :(

Ugh just feel like venting sorry guys :break_diet:
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Aww retailchick deep breath huni, would it help to plan a well balanced menu out in advance then try to stick to it? LT is soo strict I can imagine its easy to get out of control quite quickly. You have done an amazing job so far well done xxx
((big hugs)) hun..

Don't worry.. Tomorrow is another day, and you have done a great job so far, and that last little bit to lose won't take long at all x x
RC....It must be hard...I am nowhere near maintenance but can imagine how hard it must feel .... maybe try to cut off carbs if it makes you feel uncomfortable and fill up on more water until you are back in control....not sure if it's the correct advise but I read in refeed forum somewhere that if you are putting on weight and staying still then go back to the next step and see if it makes a difference. I hope it helps.:(
Chick, why don't you do like the girls on the maintenance forum do and post your daily menus? That way you're going to have to think about what you're eating!

In fact I'm going to follow my own advice and post the last couple of days food consumption on the refeed forum.....I don't want to get out of control either!

I'd go back to maybe one or two shakes a day until your weight stabilises again, then take stock!

See you on the other side, not the dark side! X
Hello, Like everyone's said your doing really well, please don't upset yourself too much about it all, just try to take a step back look at it with fresh eyes tomorrow and maybe start keeping a food diary and cut out where you think your going wrong?

I hope you don't mind me asking too though, but have you not had totm because of this diet or is there any other reason? As you said it may well be that that's causing you to feel bloated but i'd maybe check it out - my totm did go haywire when i first started but they've completed settled back down now.

I hope that everythings gets better and easier, keep up the good work.


2 Years Maintaining :)
Hi everyone!! Thanks so much for all the advice guys!! Ok so I started out today with the intention of redoing my re feed week and being super super good!!

Well around 11 o clock this morning my big boss arrives in and asks to speak to me..nerves!!! Anyway as it turns out I am now promoted :)

Well they organised a coctail reception for me tonight and a sit down meal :(

so I've had today a main bar for breakfast, handful of crisps for lunch ( I know I know) and for dinner I had a fillet burger (no bread) few chips and salad plus 3 glasses of wine

From tomorrow thats it back on the straight and narrow- I'm just being stupid- I really want to maintain this weight- I genuinely am happy at 10st so thats fine. So I will take the advice and post my daily diet here,hopefully you fab guys will help me stay on track!

I'm sure I'm just rabbling now from the wine! Sorry xx
Hey congratulations on the promotion x


2 Years Maintaining :)
Thanks Sandra, I'm over the moon :)

Took your advice and started a log of what I'm eating in the maint section- feeling very much back in the zone so fingers crossed xx

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