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Feelings about add a meal week...

Strange really. I start add a meal week today and I am almost scared...
I have adjusted my soups and shakes so I am not overloading with too much food at one time, but I almost feel like I don't want to eat...
It's almost like the naughty girl feeling or disloyalty if that makes sense.....:rolleyes:
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The Diet Guy
It is part of the diet and doesn't affect weight loss or ketosis so just enjoy it and don't get too hung up on it.



The Diet Guy
No fruit is not an option for AAM week, you need to check your SS booklet as it explains the protein rich options such as chicken, quorn, tuna etc.



Wants to be a loser!
I found the first day of aam just plain weird - but by day 2 the weirdness had gone and I really enjoyed the variation and different flavours.

I found that if I had a pack at the same time as my aam option I struggled to eat it all and chose to space my packs out like you spooky.

I'm the same as Ruthlett :p although I'm having no trouble eating it all lol.

Woah, are we allowed tuna??? I hope soooo I've been craving it since day #1!


Wants to be a loser!
Just checked the cd book and looks like tuna is a no go on aam - you can have it on 790 plan though.

Just white fish on aam.

However - have just seen that asparagus is on the veggie list which I did not notice the last time on aam - woohoo I will look forward to that in a couple of weeks :p.

Regarding the quorn option on aam - is that just the plain quorn fillets/pieces/mince or can we have thing like the sausages and burgers :confused:. I stuck to the plain varieties last aam but have since been eyeing up the bangers in the supermarket.
Shame, just have to look forward to 790 then. How long do you think it'll take till we get there Ruth, you have about the same to lose as me judging by your ticker :)

My CD suggested a COUPLE of quorn sausages...nooo joke. If I had energy to walk to a shop and buy some, I'd so be having that (or chicken!!!)

But yep it looks like quorn sausages are a go-go!
Oh my God.. i loved the AAM week.. to be able to have food again, its what my teeth are for lol
Seriously make the most of it, try to vary your plate its great, i have mine again in 2 weeks time..

whats more enjoy it, good luck

Just mixed cottage cheese with leafy green lettuce and a few cut up slices of cucumber sprinkled with pepper...highly recommended :)
Me too! And before I'd have had triple the plate plus extra trimmings haha! Yummy, enjoy it Spooky?? x

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