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Few drinks


Determination is Key
Okay hubby just asked me if I'd like to go to his friends' house for a few drinks tonight. I do have a bottle of WW rose wine in the fridge. The entire bottle is 24 syns.

I've only used 2 syns today, so I do have half of those syns left. If I make it up tomorrow, would it be okay to do that?
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I can't answer the question on your syns, but i tend to stick to bacardi and diet coke rather than wine as it's less calories :)


Determination is Key
Actually, your Bacardi has the exact same amount of syns as a glass of my wine lol. 4 syns each.
OMG really? I didn't bother to work it out, i don't count the syns when i have a drink, just thought wine had a lot more calories than bacardi and diet ;)
Mandy, I'd say thats a good plan, or you could have it mixed with diet lemonade and stretch it out further, or else you could just flexi syn it..... have a good night x


Determination is Key
I drank four glasses, at four syns each, so I only went 3 syns over my limit. I don't think that'll make too much of a difference. And I did mix it with 7up Free, so it went further :D
Good night had by all, only I woke up this morning with a stuffy nose and a sore throat. Think I've finally caught the cold my baby girl had during the week. I wonder if Lemsips have a syn value...


Determination is Key
Have you ever tried the First Cape wine from the cafe collection, 12 syns for the bottle :)
Never heard of that. Is it available in Ireland, I wonder! 12 syn wine sounds delish to me!
Never heard of that. Is it available in Ireland, I wonder! 12 syn wine sounds delish to me!
It's a low alcohol wine. Youre only getting half the alcholo so its only half the syns. Id rather just have the real deal and half of it tbh.



Determination is Key

Yeah me too! lol
Pleased you had a canny night, thats the beauty of SW, you can have a normal life and still lose weight :)

I think lemsips do have syns :(, better off with a warm lemonade and a couple of paracetamols,

hope you feel better soon x


Always trying!
teddysgoldengirl said:
Yes I'm in Ireland, I get it in Dunnes. The red isn't that nice but the white is quite nice!
I sometimes drink this if my syns are running low. I'm usually a red drinker however I prefer the white with lots of ice when I have the first cape stuff. I know it's lower in alcohol hoverer it still has a higher alcohol content than lager.
Lemsips have syns. Sorry :(
You could always try blackcurrent squash made with hot water, or hot water with fresh lemon juice in it.
I find ice cubes help too, or I suck on my dds sugar free ice pops at 1 syn each!

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