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Few Questions =]

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by YummyMummy2B, 14 December 2009 Social URL.

  1. YummyMummy2B

    YummyMummy2B Silver Member

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    Slimming World
    Im currently on WW and have been on and off it for a couple of years. Im looking for something different...

    How are you finding the diet?
    Variety of foods i.e restrictions?
    Is it similar to WW points system?

    Basically sell SW to me!

    Thank you xx
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  3. malaika

    malaika Lover of Extra Easy

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    slimming world
    I have done almost every "diet" under the sun, except WW, but I have heard all about it and have read a lot here.
    For me SW is the only eating plan I'll ever do. it's not a diet as it's not restrictive, you hardly have to count anything, you can eat as much as you like of the free foods and are never hungry. By join SW the only thing can lose is weight!
    Read this thread and it explains all, thanks to Squidy:

  4. eternity

    eternity Gold Member

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    It's not similar to WW points but it is similar to the current Simply Filling technique within the WW Discovery plan i.e. it's like No Count/Core.

    On SW there are lots of free foods so you need never be hungry and it's not possible to eat unhealthy food as easily as it is on points. I know some people who eat very low point meals and spend all their points on crisps and chocolate etc.
    Really it's impossible for us to know if SW will suit you. Your best bet is to read up about it on the link that you've been given above and then, if you've got any specific questions, ask away.
  5. Loopeylou

    Loopeylou Gold Member

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    Slimming World
    Having lost weight with WW in the past this is fairly similar to the old Core plan which is why i Love it. Very easy to follow and fits in so well with family life, so nice to not be making different dinners in the evening. Plenty of free foods and great choice of Healthy Extras. Syns are so flexible too so definately recommend giving it a go.

    Good luck with your decision

  6. Miss_Stella

    Miss_Stella Member

    I followed WW for about 18 months. A typical day was a sfollows:
    2 Light Choices pancakes with 1 tsp Flora Light Small banana
    Light Choices Tomato and mozzarella pasta
    4 dark rye ryvita with 2 tblsps extra light Philidelphia and a small banana
    Weight watchers peach yogurt
    150g strawberries

    2 clementines
    That was it, max points for me :cry:I joined SW last week, and okay, I haven't been 100% because I need to get into the right head space again, but here's a rough idea of yesterday's menu:
    Breakfast (1) x2 Alpen light bars, x2 mullerlight yogurts and a banana.
    2nd breakfast (yes I know, but I'm on a weird shift at work this week) x2 poached eggs, beans and toast. Lunch was a jacket spud with spaghetti hoops and dinner was a massive bowl of pasta in Dolmio light sauce. In between that I snacked on fruit and yogurts.

    I was so stuffed that I fell asleep by about 9pm! :eek:

    SW seems to be working out better for me than WWl. I have a HUGE appetite, I tend to snack tather than eat the 3 square meals a day. And I hate going to bed hungry, which is something I did on WW every night. I love not haveing to count points, and I especially love the fact that I'm not wasting 3.5 points on 2 mullerlights and an apple-they're free on SW.

    I'd advise you to do what I did, buy the SW magazine, it's got a week's menu in it, and have a snoop at the food diaries on here and see what you think.

    Good luck with whatever diet you decide to follow.
  7. natasha1974

    natasha1974 Silver Member

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    slimming world
    i love it i found when i did ww i was hungry all the time now im full all the time and have lost 11lbs in 4 weeks and can get back into my trousers that i wore on holiday last year again. You can eat so much yet still lose loads :D
  8. jaylou

    jaylou Gold Member

    I've been overweight most of my adult life, usually 2-3 stone overweight and I've done every diet under the sun, WW, RC, Atkins and SW.
    I lose weight on all of them so they all work if followed correctly. Atkins was the most dramatic but oh so unhealthy (for me) but SW has worked so well.

    SW is the only "diet" I have ever reached Target on and the only one I have ever maintained that weight on. I put a lot of that down to the fact that I still go to group every week after 2.5 years but I go now to help others, to help the consultant and to help myself stay at that weight.

    The Extra Easy plan takes so much restriction out of the red/green plan and is great for new starters, there's not much weighing and measuring, only cheese/bread/cereal/milk for example - so much food is free. It's simple and fits in well with family life and eating out, not many plans do that.

    Like I said though, SW works, I'm living proof that it works :) but then all the other diets work if they suit you!

    Give it a try, go along to a group, it's worth a tenner to have it all explained to you and get all the info.
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