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  1. juliebags

    juliebags Silver Member

    Does anyone use the fibre???does it really help and how do you use it , daily????many thanksxx
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  3. leehal

    leehal Full Member

    I used to use psyllium husk in powder form. I used to mix it into my soup and it make it thicker without adding any taste.

    Just about to start again after 7 years and this time I have some capsules to take.

    They certainly helped me last time round.
  4. itbestuk

    itbestuk Member

    I also mix psyllium husk into all my shakes, if I didn't Then I would pretty much stop going the toilet.
  5. flossnoscar

    flossnoscar Full Member

    Ive never tried the fibre but ive heard magnesium salts can get things going if needed.
  6. Chlo

    Chlo Silver Member

    I use Psyllium Husk tablets (they do the same job), they are good if you are prone to constipation on the diet. They aren't a laxative they are a bulking agent. I would see how you do without fibre and if there is a problem at it to your diet.
  7. flossnoscar

    flossnoscar Full Member

  8. itbestuk

    itbestuk Member

    It gives your turds some body.
  9. alipally

    alipally Serial Dieter!


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