Filling and Healthy or Pro Points?

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  1. Samstar

    Samstar Full Member

    I am on my first week and I have done ww in the past. I definitely am not a filling and healthy fan as I find I have too large an appetite and think maybe I need the strict quantities of propoints . I think its great as it gets you in the right frame of mind to choose these foods before others but hoping I can change to propoints tomorrow at my weigh in.
    Just interested to see what you guys like to follow best and why?
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  3. UKSerena

    UKSerena (Will)PowerPuff Girl! X

    Hey :) I follow WW PP as I can't be trusted with F&H! At least this way I can only eat till my PP are gone! I have a diary called 'if you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail' Any questions please ask x
  4. Samstar

    Samstar Full Member

    Thanks I will check your diary out. Yes that is my problem I need the discipline as I dont often feel hungry I just emotionally eat!xx
  5. UKSerena

    UKSerena (Will)PowerPuff Girl! X

    I'm exactly the same, I'd find myself bored in the evening and mindlessly munching my way through a pack of biscuits last week! X
  6. Alycyn1980

    Alycyn1980 Addicted to Minimins!!!

    Hi I have bn following F&H but using the value app which calculate PP & TBH there is not much difference. If u nosey at my diary u will c a post that shows this.

    Have a gd day !

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  7. SlimmingKitchen

    SlimmingKitchen Gold Member

    I'm new to WW but not new to dieting haha.
    I left SW and have been going to WW meetings for 3 weeks and so far lost 6lb on F&H plan. Absolutely love it ?

    I'm never going back to SW after switching as I love everything about it xxx

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  8. MummySarahE

    MummySarahE Silver Member

    I don't follow either yet....but my friend has some F&H and has had great results. I think 8lbs in 3 weeks. She has quite big portions for work lunches, I don't know what she eats at home. But I know she has crumpets for breakfast. I think all the ww breads, wraps etc are free too.
  9. Sammyanth

    Sammyanth Gold Member

    I'm an emotional eater too so love the structure of ww propoints. I still manage to get a few evening treats in using points so that I don't feel completely deprived but I'm eating far healthier than ever before and losing weight too.

    Good luck with your journey!
  10. dudette2001uk

    dudette2001uk I will be a Princess!

    I'm on my second week of WW after following SW, but I think in the whole of the last week and a half I've only done about 2 F&H days. For me, I find they soon eat into my weekly points, whereas because I have quite a high PP allowance (36 points) I usually find that I can eat decent sized meals and still have PP leftover in the day for treats :) This means I can go out on a Saturday night and not have to worry about running out of points! xx
  11. chocko1

    chocko1 Gold Member

    Sian!! I was just having a nosy on here and spotted a familiar face (well, Little Hippo too)! Do you think WW is as easy as SW and, is there a load of counting or weighing to do? Still very happy with SW but, just wondering. Hope things are ok with you. :)

    Kathy x
  12. dudette2001uk

    dudette2001uk I will be a Princess!

    Hiya hun! I'm good thanks. How are you? With the pp plan there is quite a lot of weighing and calculating to do, although I'm finding that I need that discipline to stop me overeating. With the Filling and Healthy days though you don't have to weigh any of the Filling and Healthy foods, just count points for anything not on the list. The catch is you should only eat until full (not something I've ever been good at!) It's early days yet, but I'm really enjoying WW :) xx
  13. chocko1

    chocko1 Gold Member

    Oh, good for you! Might keep bobbing over to see how you're doing and possibly have a re-think for myself, although, if I'm honest, the only reason I've ground to a halt with SW is because I haven't been following it properly! :S You know, the odd cream tea or take-away here and there! But, yes, I'm fine, thanks.

    Well good luck and I'll follow your progress with interest! :)

    Kathy xx
  14. SlimmingKitchen

    SlimmingKitchen Gold Member

    Hey Choco
    How are you? Are you thinking of joining WW too?
    I'm loving it so far and never going back to SW now lol xxx

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  15. chocko1

    chocko1 Gold Member

    Hi LittleHippo! Great to hear from you! :) Sorry I didn't get back to you, only I've only just looked on here again today. Glad you're enjoying it and hope it's going well.
    I am wondering about changing to WW's, yes, but still not sure. Someone at work has swapped and says she prefers it because you can have more bread and you can have cereal, as well as the bread! Must admit, I am fed up of having fruit and yoghurt for breakfast, just so I can have a HEX of bread for lunch. She said it's pretty much like SW, apart from that so should be easy to get my head round it.
    Love to hear how you're getting on, if you have time to reply. Fingers crossed you're doing well. Can't believe I can still keep up to date with you and Sian on here! Maybe I'll recognise more deserters too! :D Take care.

    Kathy xx
  16. SlimmingKitchen

    SlimmingKitchen Gold Member

    Hi hun

    I was tempted for weeks on end then finally decided to go for it as your first month is only £10.
    I love the fact you can have warbuton thins, bread, cereals, skimmed milk and crumpets and petit pains etc.
    After seeing how much I enjoyed it my friend joined last week too who's also always done SW and she lost an amazing 10.5lbs in her first week xxx

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  17. Josiecat

    Josiecat Silver Member

    I too am a weightwatchers F & H convert! Have always leaned towards sw in the past because on ww pp I just eat loads of rubbish and use all my points. I also love the fact that you can have more breads and cereal with WW FH. The other difference is that everything is wholemeal with ww so you get fuller quicker and for longer and this makes it difficult to eat massive portions because you are full due to the types of food on the 'free' list with ww.
    I have been doing it since Saturday and haven't even wanted to use many of my weekly points because I have been so satisfied from the food I am eating and I feel better for it to. With ww pp I often felt deprived of food due to own poor choices and then ended up failing! WW FH almost takes away my obsession with food because I know I can always have something.
    I also love the fact that you are allowed to puree fruit with ww without adding points. I like to have a smoothie for breakfast and I could not do that on sw without using syns.
  18. chocko1

    chocko1 Gold Member

    Sounds quite tempting to swap over from SW, Josiecat, for those reasons alone! Glad you're enjoying it.

  19. MargaretF

    MargaretF Old rock chick

    Hi everyone, can I join in? I was also following slimming world but was eating too large portions so decided to try weight watchers and I am loving it so far, this is my first week and I weigh in on Monday so hopefully I will have lost something.
  20. gossamersquare

    gossamersquare Full Member

    Hi Margaret. The more the merrier. Glad you're enjoying ww
  21. Charl27

    Charl27 Full Member

    Hi All,

    Can I join the convert party too? :) I weighed in at slimming world on Wednesday and then joined Weight Watchers on Saturday morning, so still fairly early days. So far I am enjoying it, being able to have bread and wraps is so strange but something I definitely like, it makes lunches so much easier.

    Slightly worried I may gain this week though because simple start isn't too different to SW but now I am eating bread also? I'm trying not to eat too much bread and stuff though and have found myself becoming a smoothie whizz instead! They keep me so full!


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