Finally found something that I can stick to long term! 12 stone + to lose.

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  1. latinainglesa

    latinainglesa Full Member

    Hello all,

    I may have posted in here in the past, I can't remember, if I have then it was at least a year or two ago.

    This time however, I have found a plan (intermittent fasting, folling the 5:2 ratio) that I am finding incredibly easy (albeit early days), and for once I truly believe that I can make it a permanent lifestyle change without too much hardship at all.

    I lost 7lbs recently through simply cutting back on junk, and then have had my first weigh-in today after starting the 5:2 plan. I lost a further 4lbs :D

    I'm so happy, and love all the additional health benefits that medical and scientific research have shown this way of eating can give you.

    My goal is to get to 12.5 stone by my 40th (September 2016)...although I'd prefer 11 stone, but like having a round 12 stone to lose.

    I aim to lose 5 stone this year, and a family member has offered to treat me to a spa day when reach the half way point of 2.5 stone gone :)

    I'm astounded that I'm losing so well when I can eat whatever I want (guilt free!) for 5 days a week, and really hope that I continue to lose weight because it does feel too good to be true. I've been trying to lose weight for over 20 years now...please let this be my time!!!!!

    I have two young children that I want to see grow up, and I want to see my grandchildren grow up too...I have to do this.
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  3. honeybee40

    honeybee40 Silver Member

    Hi hun, you've done fantastic. I seem a bit dizzy but I've no idea what this plan is? X
  4. TracyGWill

    TracyGWill Gold Member

    It's where you fast for two days of the week and eat normally (but not excessively!) on the other five. :) xx
  5. latinainglesa

    latinainglesa Full Member

    That's it :) but you don't completely fast though!

    For example today is a fast day, and I've had:

    A big bowl of butternut squash soup with cheddar cheese crumbled into it.

    Courgette cut into julienne to act like spagetti stir fried then topped with a sauce I made using chicken, bacon, onion, celery, chopped tomatoes, tomato puree, a stock pot thingy, bouillon, garlic, and spices. It even had a tsp of oil to cook it in.

    I can have almost 600 cals on a fast day as I'm big but the average is 500.

    I've not felt hungry once, had loads of tea and coffee and diet drinks too.

    And if I really want something, I know I can have it the very next day.

    I'm not saying that everyone finds the fast days easy, some choose to use shakes on those days (like slimfast or exante) and that's fine to do. But I like food too much lol.

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  6. latinainglesa

    latinainglesa Full Member

    Blimey, just read that back and I sound like a saleswoman! I'm not, I promise! Just loving this way of eating :)

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  7. honeybee40

    honeybee40 Silver Member

    Is it a good way of maintaining your weight once you hit your target?

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