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finishing your meal though you're full because it contains a full portion of hex?

...and you don't want to waste your hex and you're unsure how much of it you've eaten?

Might sound a bit petty but sometimes I put my hex, like cheese etc, in my meals and then I feel forced to eat it all up because it contains my portion of hex...what do u do in that case (suppose it's evening and u can't eat it later...)?
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I stop if I'm full. I don't agree that if you don't eat your full Hex you have to syn it (although some people do)
I'd put it in the oven / microwave for later when i am hungry


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I don't think it matters if you leave your HEX. It would if you did it every day i suppose, perhaps not weight wise but health-wise.

I don't really have that problem as I have a habit of forcing myself to polish off the plate even if I dont like what Im eating. :D I'm trying to teach myself to stop when Im full and save it as leftovers for lunch next day. Not very successfully :(


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I think it's important to stop eating when you feel full, even if it means you 'waste' your hex. If you can, guesstimate what you haven't had to make up later but if you can't and can't eat the food later I wouldn't worry about it.
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I've not had my whole allowance of HEX a couple of times, yesterday I couldn't manage 5 Scan Brans so I stopped at 4.
mmhh...so it actually isn't a criminal offence if I don;t have my full HEX (like some say...!?)..Just forced down a frittata because I didn't want to waste the cheese..hahaha
lolacola said:
I stop if I'm full. I don't agree that if you don't eat your full Hex you have to syn it (although some people do)
I'm with lola cola on the whole synning your hex if you don't eat it all.

I am one of those people who eat my food in sections. Superfree first, then HEX, then free, then syns. So that way if i get full i'm not missing out on the very good stuff.

I have always been like this - its why i don't miss sandwiches - used to pick them apart anyway :)


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I sometimes split my healthy extras, whether some would agree or not, it has always worked for me. For example, one small slice of wholemeal toast at breakfast time, alpen light mid morning, half of heb potatoes with dinner and another alpen light in evening sometimes used to make a cheesecake. Sometimes I will only use half of my hea for milk in tea then use a little extra of my other hea for cheese. I nearly always do red days and this works well for me, spreads it out through the day then I never feel like i'm overdoing the carbs which often bloat me.


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I don't think I do my hex to the absolute letter, some days I don't have all my hexa and sometimes I have part cheese and part milk. As long as I'm losing and don't feel like I'm depriving myself I'm happy with that.

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