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***firming 'astonishing abs' friday***

Hello daily threaders

Wishing you all a happy CD day:)

For all the keen gym bunnies, here is a reminder to get working on the creation of your astonishing abdominal region. I can hear the groans of glee at all those repititions, Asyeyan and Minnimel, ha ha!

I will try to give my abs a mini-workout this evening but hopefully through some great belly-laughs as I am off to the panto, yippee! End-of-season Sleeping Beauty, its a bit of a tradition with one of my local friends J. I told her yesterday that I thought I might be eating too many porridges, now she thinks I'm an esacapee from Goldilocks and The Three Bears?!

A warm welcome to new starters and many kind thoughts to anyone getting into ketosis, it does all improve!:character00116: x
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Oooh abs! I like it!

I had a successful day Thursday and I'm going to plan to do the same with 100% SS on Friday as well. My BF wants us to go out Saturday night so hopefully he'll chose something where I can get something remotely healthy or I'll just have to watch him eat :).


Why Be Normal?
Morning Ladies --

Ha!Ha! BB I was (as a child) the sit up champion of my school. However, the C-section to get DD into this world makes it a little more difficult. But, as I am a notorious procrastinator - before I watch the "shoe dvd" - I am going to measure my waist, double the inches and do that many sit ups... if kills me. It might -- in that case, if Ase wears the same size shoes she can have them. I give them to you BB, but then you'd miss out on the "fix" of buying them yourself. ;) LOL

Although, I believe that "confession may be good" for the soul, I also think that "misery loves company", and "if everyone else is doing it, why can't I" -- so, I will just "confess" that I was not as compliant with my CD as I should have been yesterday. (It was what some people would term a "bad day" -- I'll just say "off day".) However, I am going to make the effort to get back to it. No details needed -- you know the drill.

So, seven more minutes on the computer -- then measure, sit ups, make a shake, watch the dvd, quick shower/dressed, shoes on, dog in crate, car to shop (ooh driving in this freaky things and I have a manual transmission Jeep), and then walk home with dog.



Why Be Normal?
BB -- Have a great time at the Panto, it sounds like a fun night out.

Ase -- Can't you pick the restaurant?



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Morning all,

Im sat in the uni computer suite waiting for colour print outs! its taking ages so im on here waiting!!
Had a good diet day yesterday, and im getting used to 810 now.. thought it would be easy, but its really not!sounds silly but its hard fitting in 3 packs, food, milk and water!
hoping for another good day today, uni, maths course then supervision with the boss!! then home for more dissertation work... joy!
working all weekend as usual, so will pop in when i can!!

Hope everyone has a good day! get those ab's going!!
Hello all, here we all are on another (its going to be successful) dieting day.
It looks as if the big thaw is occurring in my area and it doesn't feel so cold anymore.
Lots of work to finish before getting ready for the panto, so catch up later x


please try again
morning girls

so does this mean i should get my ass on the ab king machine insted of using it to hold my clothes?

am off to the cinema soon, gonna see book of eli. i wanted to go see avatar but it doesnt start till 12.30 and as its a long film i wouldnt make it home in time to meet kayas school bus.
no bars in the house so i will just have to stick to water at the cinema


Why Be Normal?
Yes -- put your laundry away and get on that AB KING! (BTW, what is an Ab King?). I want to see "It's Complicated"... but two oil changes today will keep me out of the theatre.

It sounds like you're feeling better Claire. Glad to hear it. Post a review of the film, please.

oooooooooooh Avatar 3D is amazing, my husband took me for our unofficial anniversary.....Loved it!!!

I too was restricted to water, instead of all the lovely snacks i would usually have 'treated' myself to.

Enjoy Book of Eli, it looks fab, can't wait t o see it and i've just found out that the new twilight film:eclipse is out in July woohoo!!
I loooooove jack-knives on the wii-fit...... am i a sadist??? LOL


Slimming down the aisle
Morning BB, the thread title reminds me I forgot to do my usual before bed workout routine, darn!! I bought a fitness magazine the other day though which had a whole section on workouts at home without equipment, so I might put together a little routine for myself today and start on that. Enjoy the panto tonight!

Aseyan, could you suggest going out and doing something other than food? Maybe the movies or something?

MM I like the waist measurement idea, that's a good one, I might steal it!

Aly hope you have a good day. I don't know about you but sometimes those days at uni are the hardest, there's no locking yourself in a room away from distraction! Good luck today :)

Sumayyah.... it could be an idea, though I know I probably wouldn't end up getting on it! I'm the queen of buying exercise stuff with good intentions, using them a couple of times and them sitting in a cupboard somewhere. I haven't seen the film you're going to see but Avatar is really good, if you get the chance you should see it.

Right well I am going to go and have a quick shower, grab a cup of peppermint tea and do my official weigh in and measuring session =/ Back in a bit!
Yeah, if I ask I'm sure we can do something minus food or at least let me pick. I'm not completely worried about it cause where he likes to eat has a really nice grilled talapia that's very healthy.
So MM, if I wear a US size 6, does that mean the UK size is 3-4? For whatever reason I thought UK was like 1.5 sizes larger, maybe I'm thinking US mens... But anyway, a US size 10 would be a boat on me hehe
A US size zero is a 4 here.....i think, so a 10 in the US would be a 14 in the uk???
Aseyan, I know you asked MM, but you got me wondering. :D According to this site: European Clothing Sizes - Europe Clothing size conversion a US size 6 equates to a UK size 8 - so you're sort of right. So although I'm a UK size 18 (very ish) at the moment, I'd be a US size 16 (I think...)

It's all very confusing, LOL. :)


Slimming down the aisle
I think Aseyan was talking about shoe size :)
LOL i thought she was talking about clothing hahahaha

T x


Slimming down the aisle
Well I had my appointment with my Health Trainer lady today. I mentioned it a few day ago I think as I wasn't sure whether she'd take the news of me doing CD very well. She wasn't very keen about it but accepted that it was my decision to make, and that it was an informed one. I was told that I was seeing her so that she'd be able to help with dealing with chronic fatigue, which the doctors think I may have. But she didn't seem very interested in that at all, just my weight. She's referred me to Rosemary Conely classes so I get 12 weeks of those for free. While I'm not going to follow their plan, it will still be helpful. Apparently you start with a weigh in and then a short 'motivational and informative talk'. I think they then do rewards for slimmers of the week, though I won't really fit in with that section as I'm not following the RC diet. Apparently you can lose a stone a month on it though. But then there's a 45 minute exercise class which is the main reasoning for referring me, apparently it'll help with my tiredness, and help me lose weight. So it'll be interesting. Apparently at the end of the 12 weeks the referral scheme give me a voucher for a nice set of shiny new salter scales... ooh err! So I start that next Weds, a bit nervous about going by myself but I'm sure it'll be fine.

i did lose weight on the RC plan... well, so much as i followed it - just trying to be sensible... it didn't last tho!

But, and this is a big but, if i had to join another slimming class - on pain of death - i would go to RC - only because the exercise side of the class was sooooo much fun! I loved it!! And we didn't sit in a big circle procrastinating about how much food we had eaten during the week. Oh how i didn't kill people at WW/SW meetings is beyond me!! Round of applause please - i've just lost an ounce... oh purleese.

Thank God for CD!!


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