First AAM


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Well just had my first AAM.

Had posh M&S organic chicken on a skewer in the George Foreman, sprinkled with a little cajun spices, and some pickled red cabbage.

It was LOVELY!

But also made me realise some things:

My first thought when finishing was to have some more - as I didn't feel totally stuffed - my usual reaction to eating dinner would be to carry on eating till I was stuffed.

Food is nice and great, but it isn't the be all and end all (which, when you have a big urge to eat), it can feel like it is.

I think AAM will be really hard, as it's a 'taster' if you see what I mean, but I think its definately a necessary part, as otherwise, when I finish SSing, I may well find it far far to easy to just start stuffing myself again. Think I'll probably have to exercise more willpower this week, than I have done for the last four!
Glad you enjoyed your first AAM wobbly Must say that although I was a bit nervous the first time it came around I really did look forward to these weeks :D

It was such an important step in my journey - as you say it certainly teaches us portion control, but even more importantly it gave me sooo much confidence that I could stay in control around food.............YEAH

I truly believe it makes all the difference with maintenance