First day and all is the moment!!


I am now officially on the Lighterlife program. I started this morning!! I was quite shocked at how much I weighed. I am 13stone 11lbs or 87.7kg. and I am 5 foot seven inches tall. I would love to be 147lbs or 10 and a half stones. I never thought that I weighed that much. But hey ho I wont be that weight for much longer. I feel really positive and have already drank 6 pints of water. I am as I type drinking the chicken soup and I have to say it tastes not bad at all!!
Boo hoo in the 13's...not that bad trust me!

You will be fine dont really have that much to lose, you probably wont have any problem at all. You will be celebrating the new year in a size 12 dress no doubt!
Good luck with it, you sound like you are doing really well and remember we are all here if you start to struggle.
You'll be fine, hun - you really haven't got that much to lose (we are the same height)!

Best of luck - keep glugging the water!!!!
Thanks for your replies. I really need all your support. Sally I have just looked at your before and after pics. Amazing. How do you feel? True inspiration. I know that 3 stones is not that much but to me it will be life changing. I am looking forward to being able to put a bath towel around me and it fit!! Instead of not joining at the knee. I am also looking forward to taking the kids swimming and not feel so self consious of my size. I wear the same clothes,more or less, everyday and iIhave a wardrobe of clothes that don't fit! AND looking forward to feeling happy inside and out!! Being overweight is a real torture....not for long!!
glad the soup wasn't too bad, keep up the water and I'm sure you will be amazed at how easy it is. Im on day 6 and after 3 days of hell, I feel fantastic and Im not hungry at all(although I do drool at the m&s food ad)

Thanks Shona!
I have my pop in and get weighed on friday morning. I am sooo looking forward to seeing how much I have lost. You certainly need incentive in your first week!! my councellor is lovely and is vey down to earth and says it exactly how it is.