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First day of CD

Welcome aboard. This seems to be a great place to get stuck in. I've really been inspired to keep trying to lose the weight since I stumbled upon this site. Good luck!
Hi Michelle and Jacci, I picked up my weeks food today and start tomorrow. Rather nervous! My CD counsellor told me about this site as a way to distract myself during the next few days.
What are your reasons for losing the weight? Does anyone have an event they are aiming for? I'm getting married in September and want to be healthy and completely happy! Hopefully we can all support one another?
Good luck to both of you and me too... think I'll need it! x
Hi, thanks and yes i most definately need all the help I can lol, congrats Dominique what better reason than ur own wedding tho that didn't work for me some 12yrs ago but then nor did the bloke hehe. I don't really have a goal but I do turn 40 in oct so I am using that as a bench mark. My friend told me about CD and the site (she is on day 20!), never done anything like this b4, don't count slimfast, the only thing thats ever worked for me b4 is slimming world but needed something quicker this time so really get me focused. Good luck to u both and if u fancy setting up a team let me know,


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Congrats Dominique, I have just looked at my wedding photos(23 yrs ago) and you wouldnt recognise me cos of the weight gain as much as anything else.
My weight gain has been through bereavement really(lost my brother and Dad within 4 days) and Ive just got used to comfort eating.
Im 49 this year and dont want to get to 50 being like this,I dont look good and its bad for my health-now that Im getting on a bit!!
Im more than happy to set up a team as you said Michelle we need all the help we can get!!

Take care and good luck.

Setting up a team sounds like a really good idea! I'm only 22 but have been comfort/boredom/any reason I can find since I was about 14 lol and my weight has always been something that has gotten me down so I reckoned that if I'm going to start a new life with my husband to be I should try to be happy with who and what I am. I don't want to look back at photos in years to come and feel ashamed or for our children to ever feel ashamed.


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aaahhh your friends sounds lovely lol


is on a mission......!
Hi Michelle - I'm Clare
I started CD yesterday and my stats look similar to yours - do you fancy a CD online buddy?????????????????
I can only get online first thing and in the evening as we have no access at work! xx xx
hey I m newbie, this discussion seems lovely. i would like to know whts this CD??!!

pls someone put light on it. thx
cambridge diet
3/4 meal replacement shakes a day
see a counselor for WI and chat once a week

there is more to it than that but thats the basics
Hi Michelle

I have just joined to and started CD ss - my starting weight is only 2lb off yours so its nice to know there is someone in the same position going for the same goal.

Good luck and keep in touch
Hi Michelle, Brenda, Jacci - I am a newbie too, although now on day 5. Really scary, but must stay focused. I have always struggled with my weight. I always said that I would be slimmer before I was 40, well I am now 42 and a grandmother and my grandaughter is my incentive to improve my health, not just the way I look.
I hope that we can all support each other..... a life changing journey we are embarking on! xx
hello and welcome i've been on here for a couple of days and have found it so useful
good luck