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First day on SW!!!


is gonna do it!!
Just wanted to say hello, as its my first day of ever doing this diet, Ive tried all different diets over many years, ww, low carb, cambridge, atkins etc.
Ive never tried SW as it always seemed a little confusing to me, but after speaking to a friend whos been on it for a few months, its a lot clearer to me, so I am going to try EE and see how it goes.
So far ive had a wholemeal wrap with a couple of quorn sausages with salad and kraft low dressing on. I think that was all free except the wrap, which is a hE,
Good luck everyone xx
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is gonna do it!!
I just assumed they were, oopps, as it says 57g whoemeal bread, i just cut off some of the wrap to make it 57g, surely it cant make much difference?


The thing is with wraps they contain oil, so they have to be synned. I have just checked my bread packets and they don't list oil as an ingredient.

You can have Asda or Coop pitta bread as a heb as they also contain no oil, however it is only those 2 brands.

Sorry about that, you got me all excited for a minute as I have wraps in the house :D
Hi there i am like you tried all the rest been on sw before and now going back again trying to do it myself for a week or 2 to see if i can before i rejoin class good luck on your journey x


is gonna do it!!
Thanks for letting me know, apparently the asda wraps are 4.5 sins, so now I know!! Mind you, they are pretty huge, so not bad for the sins value.
Goodluck skittles!


is gonna do it!!
ok thanks for letting me know, thats loads!!
Is the dried pasta n sauce free? How about the uncle bens microwave rice?
Some Pasta n Sauce is free on green if you only make it with water, although you can use milk from you HEB allowance, the Carbonara, Cheese leek and ham, Macaroni, and the Cheese and Broccoli all have a small amount of syns.

The rice contains syns, but vary from 1 upwards depending on flavour.

Good luck
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