first day to a new me..year of change!


tomorrow i begin the diet again, i will keep on keeping on till i win this battle, i might have fallen, but i am up again! i might have grown weary and waek and impatient, but i am strong again! i have come to realise that a jorney of a thousand miles begins with one step.
i have learnt to be greatful for small weight losses as well as the big ones, after all however small the loo, it brings me closer to my goal.
i listened to the headlines afew days ago about obesity, i do not want to be a statistic, if at all i am, i want to be counted amongst those who chose to do something and changed.
Be encouraged my fellow sorjorners, we can do this and we will do this,never let a lapse become a relapse, pick yourselves up, dust yourseves and keep on keeping on.this is a year and the year of change!
have a great new year, and may all your dreams be fufilled!
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