First meal was not good uh oh


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I recieved my hamper today, I tried the ginger biscuits and they were yummy. I decided to try one of the meals and had the salmon and veg bake. I was so disappointed, it smelt gross, looked like sick and tasted revolting. I need some serious encouragement right now. Does it get better, can anyone recommend a nice meal? Also the instruction book was missing.
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Give them a call and see if they can send you another, try doing a google search and see if someone has uploaded one?
Don't give up! I have not had one bad tasting meal so far & have been doing this diet for nearly two weeks now. I can't comment on the fish dishes as I didn't order any as I'm not a big fish fan. I like the shepherds pie, lamb hotpot, lasagne I also add a steam bag of veg to it and have a fruit corner for pud. This is the first diet I've been able to stick too! Hope your next meal is a bit more tastier for you!


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They didn't send me a diet guide but its on there website. Like peple have said i think we will spend the first month finding out what we like and dislike. Good luck.


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hi there
the salmon one is the only one i didn't really like - the salmon is chewy and plasticy. I like all the rest, so don't give up yet!
DC will change them I think if you have ones you don't like so if you have some more it might be worth be swopping
daisy x