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First Pre Xmas Weigh In....

....and I'm so pleased to have lost 5lb this week! I felt a bit like the goody two shoes at LL tonight though, as I think everyone else had eaten and therefore put on weight, but it's my just desserts (so to speak!) for staying abstinent and I am so proud of myself for getting through Xmas in one (slightly lighter) piece!

If anyone had told me last year that I'd be doing LL and just having four foodpacks per day over Xmas I'd have had them committed! :8855:
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Thanks Julie!

Guy, do you feel amazed too that you managed to get through Xmas unscathed?? Or did you know you could do it? We were doing Parent/Adult/Child tonight and I think that one reason I might be so goody two shoes is that I think I have lot of Critical Parent behind it somehow!! Still got to do a bit of thinking around that one, but I'm very hard on myself and if I 'failed' I'd give myself such a hard time that I don't think it's worth it!! ;-)

It was too quiet in my group tonight, well, there were four of us so the class went ahead, but I do wonder what next week will bring and if any will come back!


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Oh no I was pretty sure I could do it. I'm not saying it wasn't hard or that I didn't struggle but it was the thrill of this one last big challenge that saw me through. I needed it to convince myself I've finally changed for good (especially being so close to goal). It was that, and logic. I knew if I lapsed I probably wouldn't lose anything this week so that Christmas day would have cost me another week of abstinance and £66 quid!

I'm pretty much a 'go all the way or don't go at all' kind of person to be honest.
Thanks BL!! That little ditty of yours helped me along there too, just when I was starting to feel a little miserable about it all on Xmas Eve! Thanks!!


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Well done Poppy. Very glad it was worth it!

Onwards and upwards (or really onwards and inwards!!!)
Aww, thanks all! Just realised too, I must have been tired last night - the title should have read "first POST Xmas weigh in!" DOH!


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Don't worry - don't think any one was going to call you on it after such a good loss over xmas.

We knew what you meant!

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