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first stone

It took me a month this time to lose my first stone, although the first time I did slimfast it took me three weeks!
Me too...first time (last year) I lost over a stone in a month!! I have only been on it 2 weeks and have lost 5lb...so unless I lose 9lb this week and next, it's unlikely to be that quick this time round!

Mel x
cool. thats ok !! happy with that!
Just out of interest ladies... how noticeable is that first stone weightloss to you? Did you drop a dress size and start getting "Ooh you've lost weight!" comments!? Or is it not that noticeable until another couple of stone?
I think it depends on how much you've got to lose, for me i'd lost 2 stone before someone that didn't know I was on a diet said anything... felt so good when they did though!!
A couple of people noticed my weight loss after a stone had gone, but it was about one and a half stones when 'other' people noticed:)

I felt so much better in myself though, after a one stone loss:D

Mel x
Yeah I agree, with me the first stone isn't that noticeable. Once I lose about two stones I think it will be. But does depend on your body shape and how much you ahve to lose. First time I lost weight (lost three and a half then, although put two back on since :( ) The first stone and a half was quite noticeable, clothes wise too.

But the first stone is such a milestone to you, even if you can't notice it, it will feel great! Plus the fact we are less likely to notice it on ourselves than others will, I think this comes with the fact that (well in my case anyway) my brain stops me from seeing how big I actually am, so any loss will be invisible to me if you see what I mean! I don't think it's until you start a diet, your brain registers that yes you are overweight and then you can see it better! If any of that actually makes sense, lol!
I'm totally with you Stirky! lol This is hard to explain but it's like I woke up one day suddenly nearly 5 stone overweight..and it shocked me! :eek: Why didn't I notice it before :confused:
When I lost my first stone I felt great! I could already notice a difference in how much easier it was to run upstairs or go for a walk and not get out of breathe...my brain is weird, even though loads of people have now said i've shrunk loads, and i'm down 2 dress sizes,I still can't really see it! going to have to get someone to take a pic of me now so I can compare!
Yep we can't see the weight pilling on, then we can't see it coming off! Our brains are funny ol things!
I'm only aiming to lose a stone in total and I tend to find the less you have to lose, the slower it comes off!

I lost 3lb in week 1, so that leaves me 11lb left to lose. I think 1.5lb is probably realistic for future weeks so probably another 7 weeks to lose the rest, making 8 weeks in total. I would love it come off faster but would rather be pessimistic than set myself hard targets and then fail to achieve them!:giggle:

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