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First Timer

My name is Nigel and im 28 in 4 weeks and for so long i have been trying to lose weight and failing.
When i was 23 i weight in at over 28 stone and with fad diets and stupid diets ive even travelled to india to get food poisoning thats how stupid and desparate i was after 4 long years i got done to 22.5 stone and for the past 18 months i have been stuck at that weight.

In the last year i have tried

weight watchers
rosmary connelly
cabbage soup
atkins diets
F plan
and many others
all which have proved pretty useless.
I need some help

P.s Is it true that now on the nhs you can have a castric band fitted and if it is true how do i go about getting one.
I just wish i had the 6000 it costs to have one privately.
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Hi Nigel. Have you been to your GP for advice? I'm sure they will be able to help, I'm not sure about weight loss surgery being available on the NHS (I think it depends on which area you live in also) but if it is your GP would be able to advise. I know it's a bit daunting going to your GP about weight loss. I went to mine a couple of months ago and he put me on orlistat, which didn't end up being right for me (had unusual side effects of pains and sore red payches on my feet and legs) but at least it started the ball rolling. I'm now doing slimfast, which I've done before so know it works for me, I just need to stick with it this time.
Good luck and I hope you find a plan or answer that is right for you, but I'm sure your GP will be the best place for advice xxx


Mad old Bat with Attitude
Hi Nigel! I notice you haven't tried Slimming World. Now obviously I'm biased, but it reall is simple to follow (after you get your head round it) The Extra Easy plan is what it says on the tin. Lean meat, veg and fruit can all be eaten freely. No weighing, and at any time. The only other things you have to count and measure, is milk/cheese, and cereals/ bread, and then there's a list of what they call syns (short for synergy) which covers everything else. (Abit simplistic but basically that's it) Why don't you go to the SW website. They tell you all about it and there's a weeks eating plan you can download and see if it suits you. Lurk on the SW bit of this website, ask some questions. We have folk that have lost phenominal amounts of weight. At my class, one guy has lost 8 stone. The difference with SW is, you are eating healthily and should never be hungry. The cutbacks in the NHS mean that there are very few ops being done for weightloss. You have to survive on tiny amounts of food, and it's not really dealing with the reasons you put the weight on in the first place. With SW what you do is eat healthily and learn to control your weight for life on ordinary foods. It may not suit some people,but if you follow it, (and it's probable you will be eating more than you do now) you will lose weight. Good luck.


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wow slimming world sounds too good to be true. i have chicken everyday. and not barely any chese/milk and cereals/bread. need to check it out.

fatboy hi, congratchulations on loosing the weight you lost so far.

do you do much cardio? (running, cycling etc), and do you do any sort of resistance training at all in your regime? because im quite new to this weight loss thing, and from what i hear, the two things i touched upon are as important as your dieting.
Oh the thing i have forgotten to tell you all is that i have a severly broken back and i am currently really restricted to what i can do i do try my best but im pretty much useless. I have tried slimming world and a few other but nothing

I have lost over 5st after asking the GP to refer my to a dietician. Nothing scary and it was on my own terms as I asked.

Maureen has been wonderful, supportive, and very helpful. She doesn't judge me and she listens. I have laughed, cried, got annoyed, been elated but most of all have lost weight. I still have a long way to go till i reach my goal but in the end you have to help yourself first and make that first step.

You have done really well with your weight loss so far!

Let us know how you get on and what path you decide to follow
Well done with your weight loss so far. You don't sound like you're in a very good place right now. Getting a gastric band isn't always the easy way out that you might think.

As with any diet you just need extreme will power- I know it's rubbish, but that really is it, which is why so many of us are constantly falling off and getting back on the wagon! Seeing as you've been through so many different diet plans in the past year I'm guessing you've run out of that too! I agree with judimac that maybe Slimming World might work for you. I found it worked for me because it really is a diet for people that love to eat!

Good luck with whatever you decide to do!

Skinny x
Please forgive me for saying this as it sounds quite brutal but I think the problem is that you haven't stuck to any of the diets. To have tried so many in just one year..... choose one - I'm a weight watchers fan but you'll have to make up your own mind,.... but give it a chance. You'll have to be really honest with yourself about what you're eating according to the diet instructions and give it a few months to work. After all, it's a life-changing thing not a miracle cure. Best of luck.

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